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October 26, 2012


Hello there my loves. How are you today? I’m still sick. And I just wrote stick because I was thinking about writing still si- *cough* am I rambling, already… Anyway yeah, I’m still sick but thank God for autumn break from school. Although I had a break it’s almost over. ALREADY! Monday I’m starting with school again and I won’t have much time for anything anymore :c I wont be blogging for a week. Read about it here.

Anywhoooo I’m wearing some of my favorite -new- items today. The green cardigan is one that I adore. It’s green, my fave color, and the back has Frankestein! Awwwww, innit adorbz? When I saw it on flickr I instantly needed one. I wanted more colors though, so I left a comment, hoping that more colors would come. After I had put that cardigan on my sexeh pixel bodeh my friend and the creator of this cardigan IM’d me if I wanted something specific with the cardigan; and I told her I wanted a ‘melony’ version. LOL, so me. So yeah, she was so very sweet to also make that one. And they are both available for you to buy as well if you want one ♥

A jewelery store that I love, MiWardrobe, has brought out these necklaces (the above) a while ago. They are abselutely adorable and my favorite necklace at the moment. I wear it all the time and I can’t seem to get enough of it. The bracelet I’m wearing on the first outfit is, too, from that store. It’s lovely and I’m just abselutely in love with my outfit.

I know that I’ve blogged this beanie a while ago, but never in combination with this hair from LeLutka. I’ve only found the combination a while ago, and if I’d have to say so myself I think I’m a fucking genius. lololol no jk, it was actually by accident… But when I saw it I was like O___o ‘ooh. I LOVE EET.’ So… yeah…

Ugg’s… ugg’s… ugg’s… Haven’t we seen them enough in both RL and SL the last few years? Nope. Because hell they are comfortable, and they just give such a cute and mostly casual look to almost all outfits. Some say that it’s too casual, and some say that they are super fucking ugly – but others, like me – think they are super cute, and therefore love them. The fact that they are only 55L at fi*friday just freakin made my day!!

+ skin: the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (grey shadow)
+ hair: lelutka – lively brown
+ beanie: (chemistry) lyric hair [the beanie only]
+ dress: *tentacio* t-shirt dress knotted frank (@perfect wardrobe)
+ jeans: {sms} light blue denim
+ shoes: [whatever] ugg boots brown (@fi*friday, hurry!)
+ bracelet: miwardrobe – rock this fashion bracelet silver

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – clean bl
+ eyes: dead apples. horror edition angre
+ hair: clawtooth – venus – wheat
+ necklace: miwardrobe – buffaloraptor collar – v2
+ cardigan: .:tsc:. frankie sweater
+ top: basic cami white
+ pants: ::bb:: boyfriend cords brown (@TDR!)
+ socks: aridoki – knee high socks jet black
+ shoes: vco – clipper shoes

October 24, 2012


Hello my loves. How are you today? I’m not very well… the weather is changing and I have a low resistance to anything that enters my system so I’m sick – once a-fucking-gain. I have a very bad cold and my throat hurts like a bish. I’m drinkin tea all day, editing all day, taking clients, changing my outfits, shopping, chilling with my friends, watching Walking Dead, trying to roleplay and- and-… ugh, I’m busy. I’m trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of me and until now it’s been going pretty well, but I’m just awaiting failure. Anyway, here’s my post. Omg it’s so small Elisa!! Yeah, it is. Not only didn’t I have the time to come up with two entire outfits ánd edit two entire outfits + background, but also did I have to blog some of these items. Items that are beautiful, and only close-up pictures do them justice.

If you’re a Potterhead you should definitely get this tattoo from .Olive.! I’m one myself and I thought it was a definite must-have. We all sneakily wish to work for the Dark Lord, don’t we? Muahahahaaaaah-wh-what? *awkward cough* Ok… I’m weird.

Apart from that I am in love with the scarf from Tram! As I had said before I am in love with everything Moca makes, and I’ve always loved her store, but this one is one of my new favorites! The scarf comes with a HUD so you can change the textures, and for once I see a scarf that is RIGGED! I’ve been waiting for a rigged scarf since December/Januari last year when mesh was still new and fab – and now that it’s here I’m never going to live without it anymore. So as I maintain to be sick and busy, my pixel neck will be warm!

+ skin: the body co. Iris (01fair) brown
+ eyeshadow: .:glamorize:. frosty angel black
+ hair: [e] shine – red 10
+ earrings: lagyo – plumes earrings (@collabor88!)
+ tattoo: .olive. darkest of marks (@stuff in stock!)
+ top: {happy pencil} aztec top

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – india d
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (grey shadow)
+ hair: !lamb – some velvet morning snickers
+ earrings: lagyo – jackie earrings (@TDR!)
+ scarf: tram. nordic scarf
+ top: thermal.henley black

Ty babies <3 okkbye

October 22, 2012


Hey girls! I’m not going to talk today because I’m too damn  busy and I don’t feel like it either. The only thing I really want to say is GOD FUCKING DAMNIT why isn’t there a pixel rehab for gatcha’s? People should ban me from every single gatcha machine on the grid because when I’m around one I can’t help but spend a lot of money. And with a lot of money I mean that I spent nearly the savings of two body co skins on gatcha’s yesterday :| No. They should cut me off completely lol! :> BUT, it was very well worth it because damn I love these items… ♥♥♥

+ skin: {essences} fallulah (only70L @TDR!)
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: ::exile:: all for love shadow (only95L @my attic, the deck!)
+ horns: blah. devilish horns/purple (50L gatcha!)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – foo dog colour
+ top: coldlogic. waid ebony
+ shorts: {happy pencil} high waisted shorts
+ boots: SLink tall leather thigh boots black
+ knife: blah. my butcher knife bloody red (50L gatcha!)
+ tail: blah. my devilish tail black (50L gatcha!)

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic – clean bl
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: .ploom. mila (95L @my attic, the deck!)
+ ears: o.m.e.n kitsune ears – white
+ pipe: o.m.e.n smoke pipe – black (50L gatcha)
+ sweater: {happy pencil} boat neck sweater cross
+ tail: o.m.e.n kitsune tail
+ shorts: *tea time* leather short pants yellow
+ wand: o.m.e.n rare wizard wand (50L gatcha)
+ shoes: reek – ikat swell sneaks (50L)

October 20, 2012


Hey there bbyyyy’s. How is you today? Still in the Halloween spirit like me, or have you seen enough gore and horror in your Flickr feeds? Well I certainly haven’t. And I’m even scared that this is going to be sticking to me for a whoooole lot longer than only thing Halloween period.

The horror-edition eyes from Dead Apples is the best buy I’ve done so far. EVER. Not even kidding, I wear them every single day. It is no secret how much I am in love with this store. I could just hand Soleil my wallet because I can be found at her mainstore’s sim at least twice a month, even after I’ve bought so much already.

-Glam Affair- came out with new skins, Halloween themed, as you can see! The two skins Aida released before these were called Ginny and Roza, and she made variations on them, calling them “The dark side of Ginny/Roza”. I love the concept, and hell, they are well excecuted! When I put these skins on my pixel-body I couldn’t freaking contain myself and nearly jizzed. (LOOOOOL sorry jkjkjkjk ♥) Seriously though, they are gorg.

There’s a few freebies in this post once again, like a lot of times before, and cheapies. The antlers on the left outfit are a LuckyBoard gift from [ContraptioN] and the horns on the right outfit are only 50L! Omfg… so tjiep. Also the blood that I had smeared all over the right outfit is a LuckyBoard gift from *Edelweiss*. It comes with a school uniform, mesh, that I abselutely adore. It’s so cute yet creepy, and comes with a few cute poses (the ones I used) as well.

+ skin: -glam affair- dark side – ginny02 a
+ eyes: dead apples. horror pack sinistre bloodlust
+ hair: [burley] sammy platinum05
+ hairbase: ls hb purple (only 100L for 11 colors!)
+ antlers: [contraption] clemantlers *silver* (free lb!)
+ sweater: tram – dolman sleeve sweater [black]
+ skirt: (tokid) mini miji – black (only 15L!)
+ shoes: *dl* baggers ladies

+ skin: -glam affair- dark side – roza 03 a
+ eyes: dead apples. horror pack sinistre madness
+ hair: [burley] shiro magnate06
+ horns: illusions – grumble horns (only 50L!)
+ fangs: [ni.ju] fangs (free!)
+ blood: *edelweiss* blood from “bloody sailor” (free lb!)
+ dress: <mariko> dolly dress bloody (only 50L!)
+ lollipop: {essences} giant lollipop – vampire (@cinema until 31oct)
+ shoes: r(s)w mary jane – classic black

Like my credits better in the middle or in the side like this? :>
Tell me on my flickr cuteseeee, ♥♥♥♥♥okkbye.

October 17, 2012


Hello babyguuuuurls. How is you? Who is you-who? I’ve been super busy the last few days with all kinds of things for school, but I’ve known how to squeeze a post in between! And it’s one of my favorites so far, if I’d have to say so myself. After today I’ll have two more days of class, and after that I’ll have one entire week of vacation. Wheeeeeeeeeww! I hope I’ll be able to edit some portraits again instead of blogposts because, although I love editing and doing blogposts, I also love to over-edit pixel faces. I might be going on a trip out of town too, so I won’t be able to post every other day. But that’s one time, so I know you guys’ll be able to live without me :>

Two elikatira weaves, yaaay. Elikatira has been my favorite hair stores since the beginning of my SLife. Right now I’ve know that there are more hairstores than Elikatira, but before I realized that I had been collecting a lot – and I mean /a lot/ of their hairs. My hairfolder is full with [e]. FILLED. No joke, you don’t want to see it.

Lately my inventory is filling with Glam Affair as well. Not only because they are one of my sponsors, but also because I am in fucking loooove with their stuff. Their skins, their shoes, their – hats – in this case. A store that I’ve come to discover as of late is Vestigium, a store mostly focused on tattoo’s. I’m wearing one of theirs on the left outfit, and you’ll have to agree with me that they look pretty freakin’ amazing, no!?

Something I’m in love with in this post as well is the corset from [whatever]. This store always has a large range and big variety of products, coming from shoes to, now, even lingerie. This set comes with a thong (mmyes, sexy sexy!) and is only 70L at The Dressing Room! – My favorite, and favorite item of the month even, must be this jacket from *chronokit*. It’s such a good idea for an SL item, it’s so well made, and the textures are to die for. The fur (which you can buy in a variety of colors!) just tops it off perfectly. I have a coat just like this in real life, and just like there, I wear it all the time in SL.

+ -glam affair- roza basic – arctic – clean d
eyes + dead apples. sinistre cloudy blue
lipstick + .:glamorize:. winter spur – burnt red (only 20L for 20 colors, omgah!!)
hair + [e] listen – brown 08
hat + lagyo_blackdrop hat white (@collabor88!)
necklace + miel uva necklace (free!)
tattoo’s + vestigium – henna [g] l
top + [whatever] seductive corset (only 70L @ the dressing room!)
skirt + {mon tissu} oxford pecil skirt
shoes + {mon tissu} sloane pumps ~ gray

+ [pf] ember <milk> pure (ltbrow)
eyes + dead apples. horror pack – sinistre darkness
lipstick + .:glamorize:. winter spur – shadow (only 20L for 20 colors omgah!!)
hair[e] details – brown 05
hat + -glam affair- mouse studded headpiece in black
coat + *chronokit* mods coat 01
coat fur + *chronokit* mods coat 01 fur white
jeans + [noir] acl chinos – black (former fi*fri item, can’t find it no moar…)
shoes + *gf* bow strap shoes “kate” (free gg!)

♥ love yall, okkbye.

October 16, 2012


Hey girls! Today I’m going to keep my story short because… well, I can put up a lame excuse but I just don’t feel like it. Let’s start with these amazing hairs from a fairly new designer on the grid. The hairs are from .:rumina:. and I am very impressed! They are mesh, and Dolo (the left) is definitely my favorite. They only have three hairs out at the moment, but I think we can expect much grateness coming from here!

I’ve but a few (not a lot of) freebies into this look. The bracelet from DDL is one I’ve been wearing for months now and I abselutely adore, but the bag from .:LOULOU&CO:. is a new freebie I own and, too, adore. When you look at it inworld you’ll be amazed with how well it is textured, and that all free – so go get it! The ugg-like shoes were orginally a freebie as well, but when I went to the store to check it appeared very… well… almost as though it was closed. So I’m assuming that the mainstore is under construction, idk.

skin + -glam affair- roza europa
eyes + dead apples. horror edition – lifeless drowned
hair + {rumina} dolo platinum (brown one = 1L!)
top + paper.doll – sheer sequin tank silver (swagfest, hurry!)
bag + .:loulou&co:. bag tweedy (free! check under the sofa!)
bracelet + [ddl] toca para mi (free!)
pants + *tea time* mesh fashion pants pastel
shoes + *kookie* muggy black (mainstore under construction?)

+ -glam affair- roza india 01 d
eyes + dead apples. sinistre murdered brown
hair + {rumina} demitra black
top + mariedoll. mesh tied lace top
jeans + paper.doll star studded denim aqua
bag + *tea time* i am not a fashion bag
shoes + *GF* alex strap shoes

okkbye! <3 Ty and happy shopping

October 14, 2012


Hey girls. Today I have for youuuu, a typical autumn post, but with a tint of winter. Because, winter is coming! (anyone who got that reference: you’re my best friend although I might not even know you.) There isn’t a lot of mesh in this look because I wanted to show you guys that sculpt is still pretty. Of course, mesh is a friggin’ revelation or something and it’s perfect ant beautiful – but I see how sculpts are getting cheaper and cheaper and I don’t get it! A lot of sculpt-clothing out there is still very pretty and very useable so… Let’s get to those hm?

I pushed some freebie-items in there because, a few months back when I didn’t blog yet – I was a freebie hunter Xtravaganza. I still have items that are still free so I’d like to share the ones I find best. The skin on the right is from M O N S and it’s sooo pretty! It’s the group gift (100L group fee) but the 100L… I mean… it’s worth it yo. The sweater on the right is from ::u.f.o:: and a super cute Lucky Board gift, nyaaahhh. I love it, I’ve been waiting all summer to wear it. Oh and of course, the new Truth subribe-O gift!! Get ittttt because it’s a fatpack and gaaaah, so cute :>

skin + -glam affair- lilith creatura 02 bl
eyes + dead apples. murdered blue
hair + truth – sam ivory (free, subscribe-o gift!)
eyeliner + -glam affair- couture eyeliner 01
headband + rama rowanberry – dadad
necklace +9 leather coin purse panda (free!)
(^i couldn’t find it anymore. but there are a lot of freebies there!)
sweater + ::u.f.o:: winter love red (free! LB)
shorts + [whatever] studded shorts blue
tights + beehive – mickey mouse tights (only 44L!)
shoes + vco clipper shoes

+ m o n s – exclusive johanna (free vip group gift! 100L fee)
eyes + mojo real eyes brown
hat + *coco* fur trapper hat (free!)
lipstick + izzie’s dark matt lipstick
dress + w&b makybe knit dress
cardigan + tokid – it’s a little cold (only 15L!)
tights + {happy pencil} british flag legging (only 25L!)
shoes + -glam affair- blake in black

Ty and happy shopping <3 okkbye

October 13, 2012

#015 News at Glam Affair and Exile!

Hey girls! I’ll be doing a quick post today to show off my new skin and hair. These are de-fi-nite-ly my favorite items of the week, and I’m not planning on taking them off any time soon!


skin + -glam affair- roza europa basic
hair + ::exile:: untouched – marone
eyes + dead apples. sombre blue

October 12, 2012


Hey there dearieeees. Today, as you can see, I’ve tried to do something new. At least, editing-wise. I’ve been wanting more clean-looking pictures for a while now, but I didn’t exactly know what and how to do it. I didn’t want to just copy someone else’s template because I know most wouldn’t appreciate that, and I was sick of my old one. I do like this one, but do yóu guys like it!? Please do tell me on my flickrpage right here.

Let’s talk about the clothes, but not all too much, shall we? I find myself in love with the little goodies and accesories from *May’s Soul* as of late. The jar of strawberries is from that store, and I think it’s adooorable. The bag is from a new store, LUSE, and comes in various colors. As some might recognize they’ll know I’m wearing one of the latest [BURLEY] hair’s, but that it’s a male one. Maybe you won’t recognize it because I’m not showing it from the side, but it’s the one with the little ponytail and shaved ‘Skrillex’-cut. The thights I’m wearing in the first outfit and the dress I’m wearing in the second are from .:Eclair:., a store of which I love almost every item because they are so creative and nicely textured.

That was it for the talk today, thank you so much for the many vieuws I’ve gotten in merely a few weeks of my blog’s excistance! elisa ♥♥♥♥’s you.

+ glam affair – lilith creatura 02 bl
eyes + dead apples. sinistre lifeless drowned (horror pack)
eyeshadow + dead apples. ose black (fi*friday item, hurry!)
hair + [burley] sammy platinum 03
piercing + *may’s soul* nose2ear piercing
top + -glam affair- openside top black
skirt + {sms} waist skirt denim brown
thights + .:eclair:. zebra aztec leggings (green)
shoes + [whatever] flatboots black (fi*friday item, hurry!)

+ the body co. petal (01fair) black brows
eyes + dead apples. sombre blue
eyeshadow + dead apples. ose azure (fi*friday item, hurry!)
hair + !lamb – blue velvet – kitkat
strawberry jar + *may’s soul* sweet jar
clutch + luse – olympia leather clutch bag
dress + .:eclair:. promise dress (chili pepper)
stockings + rama rowanberry – knee nylon x-ray socks
shoes + ::lc:: amen distress bootie (groupgift! 100L groupfee!)

<3 okkbye

October 11, 2012

#013 Creatures of cities and forests

Hey my lovely reader :3 I told you I was going to do more fantasy-styled posts, didn’t I? Hehe, well, here it is. I’m planning on making a whooole lot more for you though. Just like of all the other clothing-styles that I adore. Although I’m in love with literally almost every clothing style out there, I must say that fantasy/medieval-ish has to be my favorite.

A two person post, too. Yeah, I think I’m going to do more of those as well. This time I made the post with my dear friend who goes under Nyx/Micha/Krentenbaard. (lol, I can’t even, if you’re Dutch you’ll understand why that name is so freakin’ funny) Buuuut, I think that if I’m going to do other two-person posts I’ll just do it with me… and… eh… me. :} Or with Micha again, if she wants to.

Let’s get to the part where I talk about the clothing: I got these cute props/clothes from May’s Soul. It a lovely store really and honestly, the sculpts are just very well made and textured, and not even to say well put together. The nosering-thing, the bag Micha is wearing, my belt and her legband are from this store. I should sure as hell visit if I were you, because even without this kind of look the cute little things can go well with how you like to dress.

Micha is dressed in all Miel, when you look at the dress and shoes. I haven’t been able to make a pic of the front of the dress (because I… well, forgot) but it really is stunning! The mesh looks awesome, and although these shoes are quite old, they are beautifully made as well. Now that we’re talking about old stuff, we could immediately head over to what’s new. The hair I’m wearing (left) is from LaViere and is FREE. Yes, the two strands of hair give a somewhat odd look but I’m a bit of a weirdo, so I immediately fell in love with it. When I saw the pic on flickr I neeeded to have it, but when I saw that it was free I rushed to the store like a maniac. xoxoxo love from me <3


skin + glam affair – lilith creatura lb
eyes + dead apples. sinistre madness
blood + *edelweiss* bloody skin luckyboard (free with mesh bloody sailor costume!)
eyeshadow + l.fauna simple smokey (only 50L!)
piercing + may’s soul – nose2ear piercing (feral set)

hair+ -LaViere- momo/white (free color tester!)
horns + illusions ~ grumble horns

top + paper.doll – lea (rummage sale item! only 25L!)
thights + .:eclair:. wet look leopard thights
beltmay’s soul – rescue me set
heels + whatever – high heel blush groupgift (300L groupfee totally worth it)

+ *league* jen fair natural (breast e)
eyes + dead apples. nebula spring
scar + corvus – eye scar
face paintmay’s soul – tribal set (only 50L!)

hair + magika [03] awkward
elf ears + lovely alien – webbed ears
backpackmay’s soul
dress + miel – playa dress
leg bandmay’s soul – bubble set leg band
shoes + miel – far boots

October 9, 2012

#012 Boyishly girl

Hello sweetcakes ♥ Today I bring you a look that is somewhat boyish, looks that I love myself. I have always loved to wear manly clothes on my avatars, and mostly pair it with long hair and makeup so it still keeps the girly look.

The hair, to begin with, is one that Fashionably Dead had made for Hair Fair 2012, but of course, is still in store. I don’t have a lot of ginger-colored hair, but with this hair I loved it. I mainly chose for red hair because I’ve put a tattoo-layer over this already freckly skin from Sugar. The skin is so super very cute, and I think the body tattoo-layer from L.Fauna only makes it complete. If some of you have read my blog before, they could’ve surely seen that I post a lot of things from L.Fauna into my looks. The makeup- and tattoo-layers are cheap, and beautiful.

The top is from Tea Time, an item that I would definitely see myself wearing in RL. I love the brown flap-thingy-thing on the elbow and think that the fact that it has an animal on it, a deer, is super cute. Thank you Tea ♥

And thank you Candy, for making these beautiful sweatpants and spoiling us with colors! There is one in there that I love myself; universe; I just think that one is awesome. It didn’t fit into this look right here so I chose this one, but you should definitely have a look at Swagfest and see for yourself if you like it. I adore sweatpants in SL, and this one fits perfectly, just like those lovely shoes that I got at the Arcade. I’ve been looking at highs and lows to pair these shoes with an outfit, and I finally found one!

skin + s u g a r 1: powdered – punky babe
eyes + dead apples. sinistre sombre blue
freckle layer + l.fauna serious freckles pale 2
lipstick layer + izzie’s – dailyn lipstick – light matt natural
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
hair + {fd} saturday – orange 8

sweater + *tea time* deer sweater
sweatpants + [whatever] sweatpants black/grey (swagfest item!)
shoes + deco – mesh thunder bolts yellow (the arcade exclusive, over now)
necklace + rama rowanberry – the human mind {black}

Oh and not to forget! How do you like my new layout and banner?
A new banner is on it’s way, hopefully, because I don’t really like this one :C
Anyway, thank you again girls. Happy shopping and don’t forget Collab this month!
<3 okkbye

October 8, 2012

#011 Glam Affair for Collabor88

Hey guys! I’m going to do a very short review on the new Collabor88 item from Glam Affair. I’m abselutely in love with it and I’m sure that a lot of you out there will love this 188L item as well! It comes in two skin colors that are called America and Europa, and those are available in 3 make-up options each. The one above is my favorite, I think it’s Europe 2, but I’m not sure. (Sorry guys, no landmarks today btw because SL is acting up right now and I’m doing this without SL. I was on SL a couple of minutes ago but right now my computer is bitching.) But okay, that was it for now! I think you guys will love to just look at it, so that’s what I’ll give you aye! LM’s tomorrow guys, I have class tomorrow and I gotta go now! Nighty night <3

hair + [burley] zia II browns
skin + glam affair – europa & america (collabor88!)
eyes + dead apples. sombre blue

October 8, 2012

#010 Glammin’

Hello bbygurrlls. I’m very happy to only have posted 10 blogposts (this one included) and to already be sponsored by so many awesome stores. If any of the owners are reading: thank you very much for this opportunity, I appreciate it lots :} You’ve got my loyalty <3 Okaaaay, let’s just get to the clothes hm? I don’t feel like writing a whole novel because I’ve been sick-ish since saturday.

The blond hair with strawberry tips was my favorite item from Fifty Linden Friday last friday. Wasabi Pills had set up a little stand with about eight different hairstyles, all fifty linden, and if you have missed it I am very sorry for your loss, LOL. No seriously, you should’ve been there and you shoul’ve gotten this hair – I might be a little easy on it, but the fact that it’s only fifty linden makes the hair 10times more awesome. But, if you still want to buy it (because it is very awesome hair) you should head to Wasabi Pills mainstore because it’s still available.

Mesh pants, mesh pants, mesh pants <333 Paper.doll came with beautiful mesh pants who fit per-fect-ly. They have cute detail on the buttocks and aaah… Just demo them at Swagfest. The shirt is something that brought a lovely classy tint to the outfit, which I love. It’s from Eclair and comes in a lot of different colours. I think it’s very creative, how she did this piece. When you cam to the back it’s just stunning, and I’ve worn this piece a lot.

Yes, yes, yes. Elisa got a new skin… again. You should know by now that I am a skin addict! I hadn’t been before, but as for now I certainly am. This one is Creatura from Glam Affair and I’m not going to say too much about it, because it needs no further words. Just look at it; the lips the eyes, the nose. God, and it goes so well with a pair of Dead Apples eyes. The shoes are from Glam Affair too, and bring lovely detail in both the studs and the texturing of the boot itself. Ok. Credits.

skin + glam affair – lilith creatura 02 d
hair +
wasabi pills – veronica hair vanilla pudding
eyes +
dead apples cloudy blue
eyeshadow +
l.fauna simple smokey

top + .:eclair:. jaquar peplum top (silver)
pants +
paper.doll star studded denim black (swagfest!)
shoes +
glam affair studded boots black
necklace +
 [glow] ocean necklace
+ rama rowanberry – horned dead friend (sale!)

October 6, 2012

#009 I’ve got the blues

Hello my dearest blogreaders <3. Only today I realized that summer is definitely over – but Fall has brought a lot of good with it. A very good RL and SL friend of mine became an aunt for the first time just two days ago. And yesterday I heard that in about eight months I am going to be an aunt as well, for the second time! I already have a very lovely and beautiful neice, and I’m very excited to hear that I’m going to get another neice or nephew. (Let’s cross our fingers for a nephew! My brother wants a son!) Hahahaha, right now I can feel how a fucking smile curled on my lips just because I’m thinking of it. I already love that little thing, I hope everything goes well and the months will pass rapidly!

I can babble on and on about my upcoming nephew or neice, and even about the lovely neice I already have, but I think you’re here for clothing, hm? With fall comes a lot of cold air, a lot of pretty colors, Halloween, and a lot of adjustments to ones clothing. A lot of people were already throwing their shorts away, but na-ah, I’m not! Pair your shorts with a cute pair of thights and you’ll be able to get another few months out of those. The tights I paired them with are a little… well, sheer, and probably very cold, but you catch the drift, right? The shorts are from “Whatever” and currently my favorite pair. They have a studded cross on them and come in many, many colors – so get them!

The top is from “paper.doll” but I’m not very sure if they sell it anymore due to the fact that it was one of last weeks’ Rummage Sale items. It is sculpted, and very well sculpted, and therefore I love it. A lot of people just see something sculpted and already cringe their fucking nose to it like ‘Oh… I only want mesh’ – but honestly, I am still in love with things that are sculpted well!
Anyhow, see how I paired all of those bracelets? It seems like it has been a lot of fuss, but mostly when you want to create a thing like this with bracelets, you’ll only have to edit the sculpt up and down. It’s really easy! Just add everything to it, and slide it up and down. The bracelets I’ve used are a mixture of freebies and… well, everything. I have loads and loads of bracelets and I don’t know what it is with Autumn, but it brings a somewhat dark ‘rocker’ side of me out.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t even dare to ask me what I think about these shoes. They are awesome. I love them to fucking death. Just look at them. They come in many colors, this one being ‘Jeans’ and have a sock- and no sock option. Yes ladies, you’re reading that correctly: they come with a sock option. /me looks around suspiciously and whispers: “They aren’t even expensive!” So girl, these boots from LPD  are a definite must-have for Autumn.

skin + the body co. iris (01fair) brown
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeliner + nox – electric liner [black[
hair + magika – whimsical
eyes + dead apples. sinistre cloudy blue
nails + rezipsa loc ~ black & blue nails

earrings + le:mon lemon earrings (1L!)
bracelet 1 + *katat0nik* nada watch (former arcade event, it’s over. sorry)
bracelet 2 + =izumiya= bangle purple/flower (free!)
bracelet 3 + whippet & buck –  jf2010 diamond & pearl
bracelet 4 + earthstones sylvan bracelet – (former groupgift)
^ no longer a groupgift, but they have other cool ones around. 250L group fee.

top + paper.doll – lea top ( rummage sale item. no longer available)
shorts + whatever – studded shorts blue
thights + erratic / ripped stockings black
shoes + *lpd* – oldboy boots jeans

October 4, 2012

#008 Black and yellow

Hey girls! As you might be able to see, today my pictures are looking a little different from the normal ones I do. That is because my blog is still new, as you all might new, and I am still trying to figure out how I like my pictures the most. I want to keep them clean and recognizable, but I want them to be fun as well.

This post with partially be a freebie-post. I’ve been an avid freebie-hunter in the past, and even now when I see a freebie in front of me or when I see it on a blog, I can’t resist but get it. I think everyone enjoys a good freebie! I am planning on making more freebieposts in the future – but as for right now, this is what I give you.

Black and yellow! Yes, a song that is uttermost annoying and very catchy, the color of bees and wasps (I don’t like those) and the color of my favorite house in Harry Potter, Hufflepuff. The store “Eclair” has this cute dress that comes in four colours, this one being “night”. The others are denim, sunset and sunny. You should check them out and I hope that you, just like me, will fall in love with the dresses and go back time after time to buy all of them!

Now, the skin! That’s a new one of mine, isn’t it? It’s from “LPD” or “Le petits details” and I am abselutely in love with it. It comes with various makeup options, and I love all of them. The shine you see under the eyes comes with the skin itself, and it hasn’t been something I photoshopped onto it. The shine is the thing I love most about it, and I’vebeen waiting for a skin to have this for a while now. – Just to say so, I make all my shapes myself and I don’t stick to one shape in particular. I have a shape for each skin I have, and for some even more. Skins never mold themselves onto me, I mold my shapes to them!

Now the shoes are a cheapie from [Blossom] that I obtained when I was a freebie-hunter. I checked and it’s still there for only 10L! The hat is from “+9” and seriously, pay a visit to their store!! It’s sooooo cute I can’t even get over it and just like the hat, that is free, there are /a lot/ of other freebies around and in the store. The necklace is another freebie from “Undefined lilies” and comes together with a cute pair of earrings that you don’t want to miss.

skin + *lpd* skins – nora 50’s
hair + marie (moody brown)
eyes + .id. mirror eyes green

hat +9 kan kan hat  dot (freebie!)
necklace + undefined lilies – teensy clutter (freebie!)
shoes + [blossom]  – sunshine (only 10L!)
clutch + beehive –  studded clutch (only 44L!)

dress + .:eclair:. kira denim dress (night)
thights + paper.doll thights: purple feet (passed rummage sale item)

October 2, 2012

#007 Hats and Minnie’s

Hey girls! Have been wanting to make a post with Rose even before I had a blog myself. She’s a dear friend of mine and has been away from SL for a few months (Was it weeks? It felt like years) because of a pesky little thing called rl. But she’s totally back now and you should check out her blog right here.

First up are these wonderful pants by Tram. I love this store and, when I was a new resident in Second Life, this had been one of the first stores a friend of mine had taken me to. I fell in love with the vibe of innocence that hung over the clothing and hair, and I am still in love with Tram. The hair was groupgift from MONS, veeeeeeeeeeery cute if you ask me, and came in two colors.  I’m not sure if it is available anymore, sorry guys :C

When I look at Rose’s hair I’m totally jealous that I hadn’t bought it first (yeah, total girl here) because I am in love with the cut as well as the color pink from Lamb. The top she is wearing is from the past Fifty Linden Friday (join the group, you can’t miss a single friday!) and I, of course, had to buy it as well. It’s so high quality that I can’t get over how it moves with my body oh so very freaking perfectly, and just have to stare at it all day.

tre blah {tan} indie: plain jane
eyes + dead apples – sinistre drowned blue
hair + !lamb – eraserhead – blush
hairbase + !lamb – male hairbase blond
hat + *agrace* straw fedora
eyebrowscheap makeup – parisan eyebrows

necklaceMG – necklace lovebug (collabor88 item)
earrings + MG earrings alletta (collabor88 item) – button down shirt
thights + beehive – minnie mouse thights
clutchbeehive – studded clutch (red&gold)
shoesingenue – ariane shoes (dove & noir)

skin + mother goose’s soomi-2 (cleavage)
eyes + mojo real eyes brown – with light
hair + mons hair – riri brown
eyeshadow + l.fauna – smokey cat  shadow (golden/brown)
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental

cardigan + milk motion – classic cardigan grey
top + ::pm:: fab top in cream
pants + tram tweed tuck pants green
shoes + elate! kate flats green

ty girls! okkbye <3