#009 I’ve got the blues

Hello my dearest blogreaders <3. Only today I realized that summer is definitely over – but Fall has brought a lot of good with it. A very good RL and SL friend of mine became an aunt for the first time just two days ago. And yesterday I heard that in about eight months I am going to be an aunt as well, for the second time! I already have a very lovely and beautiful neice, and I’m very excited to hear that I’m going to get another neice or nephew. (Let’s cross our fingers for a nephew! My brother wants a son!) Hahahaha, right now I can feel how a fucking smile curled on my lips just because I’m thinking of it. I already love that little thing, I hope everything goes well and the months will pass rapidly!

I can babble on and on about my upcoming nephew or neice, and even about the lovely neice I already have, but I think you’re here for clothing, hm? With fall comes a lot of cold air, a lot of pretty colors, Halloween, and a lot of adjustments to ones clothing. A lot of people were already throwing their shorts away, but na-ah, I’m not! Pair your shorts with a cute pair of thights and you’ll be able to get another few months out of those. The tights I paired them with are a little… well, sheer, and probably very cold, but you catch the drift, right? The shorts are from “Whatever” and currently my favorite pair. They have a studded cross on them and come in many, many colors – so get them!

The top is from “paper.doll” but I’m not very sure if they sell it anymore due to the fact that it was one of last weeks’ Rummage Sale items. It is sculpted, and very well sculpted, and therefore I love it. A lot of people just see something sculpted and already cringe their fucking nose to it like ‘Oh… I only want mesh’ – but honestly, I am still in love with things that are sculpted well!
Anyhow, see how I paired all of those bracelets? It seems like it has been a lot of fuss, but mostly when you want to create a thing like this with bracelets, you’ll only have to edit the sculpt up and down. It’s really easy! Just add everything to it, and slide it up and down. The bracelets I’ve used are a mixture of freebies and… well, everything. I have loads and loads of bracelets and I don’t know what it is with Autumn, but it brings a somewhat dark ‘rocker’ side of me out.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t even dare to ask me what I think about these shoes. They are awesome. I love them to fucking death. Just look at them. They come in many colors, this one being ‘Jeans’ and have a sock- and no sock option. Yes ladies, you’re reading that correctly: they come with a sock option. /me looks around suspiciously and whispers: “They aren’t even expensive!” So girl, these boots from LPD  are a definite must-have for Autumn.

skin + the body co. iris (01fair) brown
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeliner + nox – electric liner [black[
hair + magika – whimsical
eyes + dead apples. sinistre cloudy blue
nails + rezipsa loc ~ black & blue nails

earrings + le:mon lemon earrings (1L!)
bracelet 1 + *katat0nik* nada watch (former arcade event, it’s over. sorry)
bracelet 2 + =izumiya= bangle purple/flower (free!)
bracelet 3 + whippet & buck –  jf2010 diamond & pearl
bracelet 4 + earthstones sylvan bracelet – (former groupgift)
^ no longer a groupgift, but they have other cool ones around. 250L group fee.

top + paper.doll – lea top ( rummage sale item. no longer available)
shorts + whatever – studded shorts blue
thights + erratic / ripped stockings black
shoes + *lpd* – oldboy boots jeans

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