#008 Black and yellow

Hey girls! As you might be able to see, today my pictures are looking a little different from the normal ones I do. That is because my blog is still new, as you all might new, and I am still trying to figure out how I like my pictures the most. I want to keep them clean and recognizable, but I want them to be fun as well.

This post with partially be a freebie-post. I’ve been an avid freebie-hunter in the past, and even now when I see a freebie in front of me or when I see it on a blog, I can’t resist but get it. I think everyone enjoys a good freebie! I am planning on making more freebieposts in the future – but as for right now, this is what I give you.

Black and yellow! Yes, a song that is uttermost annoying and very catchy, the color of bees and wasps (I don’t like those) and the color of my favorite house in Harry Potter, Hufflepuff. The store “Eclair” has this cute dress that comes in four colours, this one being “night”. The others are denim, sunset and sunny. You should check them out and I hope that you, just like me, will fall in love with the dresses and go back time after time to buy all of them!

Now, the skin! That’s a new one of mine, isn’t it? It’s from “LPD” or “Le petits details” and I am abselutely in love with it. It comes with various makeup options, and I love all of them. The shine you see under the eyes comes with the skin itself, and it hasn’t been something I photoshopped onto it. The shine is the thing I love most about it, and I’vebeen waiting for a skin to have this for a while now. – Just to say so, I make all my shapes myself and I don’t stick to one shape in particular. I have a shape for each skin I have, and for some even more. Skins never mold themselves onto me, I mold my shapes to them!

Now the shoes are a cheapie from [Blossom] that I obtained when I was a freebie-hunter. I checked and it’s still there for only 10L! The hat is from “+9” and seriously, pay a visit to their store!! It’s sooooo cute I can’t even get over it and just like the hat, that is free, there are /a lot/ of other freebies around and in the store. The necklace is another freebie from “Undefined lilies” and comes together with a cute pair of earrings that you don’t want to miss.

skin + *lpd* skins – nora 50’s
hair + fri.day marie (moody brown)
eyes + .id. mirror eyes green

hat +9 kan kan hat  dot (freebie!)
necklace + undefined lilies – teensy clutter (freebie!)
shoes + [blossom]  – sunshine (only 10L!)
clutch + beehive –  studded clutch (only 44L!)

dress + .:eclair:. kira denim dress (night)
thights + paper.doll thights: purple feet (passed rummage sale item)


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