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January 31, 2013


We’re all sensitive people with so much to give
Understand me, sugar – since we’ve to be here – let’s live.


I’m a bit sad today so I’m notttttttt going to say much. I just don’t feel like it. Some people feel relieved when they are sad and they can rant their thoughts somewhere, but I don’t. I usually go edit something, or I draw. Anyway, more hoodies! That is a wonderful thing. CatWa made a second version of their hooded hair, which – I’ll say it again – comes with the hood itself. This one has a braid. Elikatira is having a sale until the 23rd of February, so don’t miss it, I’ll say that again as well. This braid from Elikatira fitted well with the other hoodie I got from Ribbon. This was one of the first stores I’ve ever been to in SL because they had freebies, and this ones a very cheap one too! The hoodie doesn’t have boobs, it’s more of a kids thing (which I adore because I enjoy having teen/child avi’s, or just plain tittyless) but hear this, it’s only 40L. You gotta check it out, because they have a whole lot more cheap things out there.

poses by imeka~


  • Skin: :GP: Moonbeam Frex [Dark] Party Girl-Pure 1
  • Eyes: [okkbye] Incognito Eyes – Blue Mint
  • Face tattoo: [okkbye] Face Doodles – Kittycat
  • Hair: ;^;CatWa;^; Eleanora Roots [M]/Pearl
  • Top: Kyoot – Plath Blouse (CLOSING SALE!)
  • Bracelet: MiWardrobe – Japanese Coin – Bracelet – Silver & Blue
  • Pants: *chronokit* Military Sarrouel Pants Black
  • Shoes: Reek – Ikat Swell Sneaks – Girls


January 27, 2013


Greeetings all. I have abselutely -no- clue what to write here today, but I think that’ll come once I get over the items. So eh, let’s start with the new hair from [iren] – very suitably named, ELISA. Yaaaay! Hahah. Iris told me that she named it like that because she was wearing my eyes while meshing the hair, which is just so very cute and I love that! Hahah. I love the hair as well. You can change everything about it, the color (of course) but also, the color of the streaks etc etc. If we go to the other look you’ll see that I’m wearing one of the hairs from Elikatira, as I do a lot. I love this store sooo much, and if you didn’t know yet, Elikapeka is having a SALE. Everything is 75% off, and will never be sold again after this. So please, for your own good, GET ALL THE HAIRS. When I got there I went a little crazy *sighs to herself* and I bought almost the entire store. But then again, I already had a lot of hairs from her. Ummm, but, there are still a few there that I still want *-* like two. So I’m going back asap and I’m getting those as well.


There is another round of SL Fashion Week, the second round now, and as the first cicle, the designers haven’t dissapointed me yet! Lethal and welldone.atelier came out with cute items, from Lethal the shoes on the first outfit (was waiting for these to appear in sl, yay!) and from welldone.atelier the skirt in the second outfit. I love this skiiiirt, and it comes in three other pastel colors, so you should definitely demo it if it fits your style. .Olive. made a cute set of mustache jewelery (a ring, necklace and bracelet), and those are very cute as well. House Of Fox came with a cute little dress, which mostly inspired me for this post! I like mini-dresses that have a mesh panel in them at the bottom, and I also still like texture clothing a lot, so this one was a surprise for me! I’m wearing it non-stop the last couple of days, and I just have to say that I looooooove the color yellow in H.O.F items – I don’t know why!

 poses by imeka~



January 24, 2013


Helloooo people. How are yall doing today? I’m doing abselutely awesome! I’m going back to school, it’s going good for once and I hope that I continue on like this, and I feel like I’m starting off my new year, 2013, with a very good start. I also heard, recently, that my brothers upcoming baby that he is having with his girlfriend isssssss… going to be a boy! I’m so happy about that. We were all hoping for a boy – of course, a girl would’ve been as loved – and yay! It has balls! rofl. No but yeah, things are going great – hope that you’re doing great as well. Now! Off to talk about the clothes. If you’re into hoodies, like me, this post is all yours. Go shop at both ;^;CatWa;^; and [monso] – OH! and [iren], because they have something in store for you. Um, yeah, literally in their store.


;^;CatWa;^; came out with a hair that come along with a hoodie. You can get this hair in alllll sorts of colors, as per usual, and now comes the best part: you can get a HUD with for the hoodie as well! You can change everything about the hoodie, from the color of the hood, the sleeves, the tips of the sleeves, and the outlines of the hood. It’s really nice! Also, [monso] came out with a gorgeous, loosefitting, big, giant, oversized hoodie that looks very, very comfortable. I don’t have enough words to express myself on this one! Of course, it stays a bit tricky to find a good hair with it… One that doesn’t poke through the hair on the front, sides and back. But you don’t have to search any longer, because [iren] has been releasing hair recently, and this one is especially made for the [monso] hoodie. Yay! Now all of us hoodlovers are happy, and you can find all the links underneath ^3^ Happy shopping, and keep a close eye on my Flickr later today, because I’m going to bring a nice announcement on my store! Stay tuned and it was nice to have you <3

poses by Imeka~



January 20, 2013


Hiii guys! Is u gud today? Okay, gud. I did a quick post today without all too many new stuffs. A lot of things in this post, though, are under 100 lindens, and that’s a bargain! I found a new store called, “La Petite Fleur”. It’s cute, original mesh for as far as I know, and cheap. Theres a few very cute freebies in their mainstore, as well as three luckyboard items and a lot of gatcha’s, so check that out! Of course, we got another round of The Dressing Room fusion this month and the items are amazing as ever. {essences} came out with a new skin, Wednesday, and it’s by far my favorite of theirs up til now. The lips are so adorable, and the nose is so cute and small and round… it’s just so cute. I love this skin.


In the second outfit I’m sporting a new skin from *JeSyLiLo*. It’s lovely, has a very sexy eyeliner in the pack of skins, and the brows… wow! The brows are a lot thicker than on their other skins, and really, on any other skin that I have ever own. But that’s abselutely not a downer in my opinion! I love thick brows. They make the skin have a young feel, and they just look amazing to me! They look perfectly groomed, and my favorite feature about this skin must be the brows. The eyelids are cute too, thick as I like them! – The hair in the first outfit is from ;^;CatWa;^; and is only 99L on the marketplace! I found out through someone else’s blog, but I don’t really remember who’s, but I thank that person with my entire heart because I am baffled by this hairstyle!

poses from imeka~



Glitter Lenses fatpack

And I wanted to add my news to this post as well. You might have seen, in the outfit above or at my flickrpage, that I started making eyes. They didn’t turn out how I wanted them to turn out, AT ALL, but I kinda think they are okay. I promise you though, next eyes are going to be better, and the ones after that even better! rofl. I’m practising in texturing all kinda’ stuff, so keep an eye out and stuff. An eye; did you see what I did there? Ok my sense of humor is horrible. Let’s just… yeah, let’s just stahp. Anyway, if you want these eyes just scroll back up and click on the link to my marketplace in the credits of both outfits, ty!

January 18, 2013


Hai guys! I’m running late to a meeting I have in SL so I’ll make this quick. First things first, Dead Apples came out with new lippy’s! There are a lot more than just these (the picture underneath) so check them out! I definitely enjoy the gloss on them, and I enjoy that Soleil made a bonus pack as well! The colors are to die for, and I just… I love them gurl. I’m wearing them all the time. I don’t like that some of them have kind of aaaa… pointy cupidsbow. But that is changable véry easily! You just move ‘lip cleft’ in appearance up or down, and it’ll fix it, if you’re not too much of a fan of it either.


Now, SL Fashion week! Oh God, I’m so excited for the future of this event! My friend, Rose (owner of .Olive. and the blog Rosie Posies Vase) organized this event with the owner and founder of [whatever]. You’ve got to check it out; the event location looks great, as well as many items over there! I’m sporting some of the items in this blogpost right here, so if you like ’em: the prices range from 50-70L, I think, and that’s amazing. Everyone likes cheapies, right?


Rebel Hope made some awsome things for FaMESHed. The sweater in the first outfit, a pair of awesome dresspants, and a bag. If you haven’t seen it around you should check FaMESHed another time, because I always miss the good stuff when I’m there for my first, second, fourth and… well, all the other times I pass by the event. The coat in the third outfit is from Rebel Hope as well, and you can find that one in her mainstore. As you look out your window in your room in rl, you’ll avi is warm as this coat cuddles her body perfectly!



*L* Amethyst – Pure – Cream – DB
MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Gothic
{D.A} Doll Lips Zombie
!lamb – Soma – Kitkat (edited)
Rebel Hope – Charlie Mesh Sweater (FaMESHed)
.::villena::. – skinny jeans G2b (Fashion Week)
AUTRES – Color Block Suede Wedges (Fashion Week)
lazybones – spiked clutch (Fashion Week)

[IREN]– Mona_poweder_nobrow
FAKE :: Sylvia Brows [Brown]
Magika [Hair L] Whimsical
Glam Affair – Livia Dress – Coal (Collabor88)
Sweater (sleeves):
fri. – Thermal.Henley (Black)
MiWardrobe – The Famous Secret
.::DMD::. Knee – Band-aids + Wounds
*FIR & MNA* The Ashford Bogues

<MARIKO> Yuu_L02
~ Tableau Vivant ~ Lythrum hair – Green dye (Collabor88)
Rebel Hope – Channing Coat
.O. the its FASHION WEEK Baby! Hinty Minty (Fashion Week)
RaMa RoWanberry – Knee-Nylon X-Ray Socks
le’Frabic – caoutchouch_boots Black

January 17, 2013



Hello guys! I’m listening to “Bird is the word” on repeat, omg. So I’m kinda braindead. I even got to read this out loud to make sure that it makes a little bit of sense. And NO, turning the song off is no option. Okay, anyway, I made this picture for a friend of mine. She had made these awesome pants and she asked me to make an ad-kind-of-thingy. So I did… and now I’m blogging it. It’s been a long few weeks since I made this picture, but I have some time to blog it now, and I finally will. Okay ummm, theres gonna be a post later once I finally find a good outfit for with the other outfit I made. Ugh, I’ve been tryna get this look together for days! Okay. Bye. rofl




January 14, 2013


I made some crap! As a tester… mostly. I wanted to see if I could make tights and… um… well, those are tights. A whole lot more will come after this rofl! I’m going to make flower patterns after this :3 Okay, quicky of that annnnd on to the blogpost!

[okkbye] Mustache Tights

Mustache tights fatpack


Today I got a pretty little outfit with my favorite blouse from Collabor88! It’s from U.F.O, and as always, super duper cute. Ur Favorite One must be one of my favorite stores in SL, and one of my favorite Collabor88 participants, mainly because their stuff is super cute and I adore them. This hat is from the marketplace, it’s so cute, and I just had to have it. I think I’m going to fatpack later on and get the white one as well, because I just adore this little cute teddy scarf-hat-thing! Hhehe!

- - - - - -



January 13, 2013


Hello my luvs. I’m going to try and make this a very short post, but I don’t know if I’ll succeed. I don’t have a lot of time for this post but I do want to say a couple of things about these new skins I got. *Leafy*, [iren] and :FAKE: came out with skins and they are all extremely beautiful. I picked one of the warmer tones of each pack (except from [iren], I picked the palest one from theirs I think) and put them together into a picture. All three skins have a few features about them which I love most: From [iren], the first one, I specifically like the nose and the mouth. The mouth is very pouty, I believe in my skin even more, and I very much enjoy that. Also, the tummy is extremely cute, and a bit lower than on other skins, and I loooooove that. When I got this skin on I just want to wear a cropped sweater/shirt all the time to show that cute belly off! I suppose that I would love to see a paler tone of these skins, although I do have to say that the color of the skin looks very healthy, and naturally tan.

[iren], *Leafy* and :FAKE: wearing the hairstyle Dylan from

I love every skin from *Leafy*, but this skin Amethyst is abselutely gorgeous. The paler tones are very beautiful, and I wear the palest (cream) a lot. I also like  the eyebrows. With the eyebrowshaper that I’m wearing it almost looks like my avatar is worried, and I enjoy that. I love anything that gives my avatar a bit of character, a bit of expression, so that’s a big one for me. The eyelids on this one, as well as on other *Leafy* skins, is cute too. I love the ‘lids half closed’ look, and *Leafy* skins seem to have that naturally. The last skin though, from :FAKE:, seems to have that feature even more. The cheeks may be a bit too blushy for my liking, but other than that I enjoy the face it gives. In every shape that I’ve worn with it it seems to give off a bit of a… an arrogant look. For some that might be a downpointer, for some it won’t; all I know is that you’ve got a lot to choose from and that you’ve gotta pass by each store to get a demo! Also, if you’re looking for a new free skin (or well, I don’t know if the group requires fee) you can head over to JesYlilo to get their new groupgift skin below! Okay, have a great week guys thanks :>





  • Skin: *JeSyLiLo* (group gift skin)
  • Hair: [e] Sound – Brown 04
  • Tattoo: MiWardrobe – Princess Doll – Tattoo
  • Necklace: LaGyo_Cloe necklace gold (TDR)
  • Vest: [PO] Fawkes Fur Vest (FaMESHed)


  • Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Liner – DB
  • Hair: [ 69 ] SMINA – Dark Ash Brown
  • Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Ashley Piercing – Black Steel
  • Piercing+: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings & Dimples tattoo layer
  • Necklace: [7891.] The Juve Necklace
  • Sweater: [PO] Victoria Lace Panel Jumper
January 12, 2013


Hello there guys! This is going to be a bit of a different post! Bahaha. I opened my store on the Marketplace, finally. Of course, I couldn’t think of any other name than just plain ‘okkbye’, but tbh I didn’t even want another name. Anyway, a few of you readers have been asking me if you guys could buy my shape. You’d IM me, link me to which shape you wanted, and in the beginning I would just give it to you for free. After a while, and a few similar requests furtheron, I began charging. And well, its been a long while since I wanted to put these shapes on the marketplace, but I was always too busy, or just plain too lazy.


Now, I set these shapes up liiike, this morning, and of course, there are a lot more to come. I just started out with these because the skins they feature are freebies (1L) and I’m such a pro-freebie shopper. Don’t get me wrong, I love paying 400L for something I really want, and because of that I will probably wear it 10x more often than something I buy for 100L – BUT… I mean come on, everyone likes their freebies every once in a while, don’t they? These skins are adorable, I’ve worn them alot the last two weeks, and well… why not share the look? Anyway, as I was trying to tell before I interrupted myself, I set these shapes up this morning. I’ve always wanted to start making makeups or whatever else, but I never really did anything more than make myself a few beautymarks or stuff like that. Now, I made a little pack of silly doodles to get my texturing started! I want to make lingerie-sets eventually, and make-ups, but let’s just… yeah, let’s just start off with this. I hope you like my little facedoodles!

Check ’em on the Marketplace right here.

Face Doodles

January 12, 2013


Hello there guysss. Today will be a short post, but I just couldn’t help myself when I got these dresses! It took alot from me not to blog them right away, and today I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Look at them! They are abselutely adorable. Let me elaborate on them later, because right now I want to take a little moment to say that you guys gotta check the Mischief Managed blog. We’re updating the page as much as we can; with plot updates, and guides for those who are new! Or well, those guides are to come. Some might know that the sim has been promoted on Mugglenet, a popular Harry Potter website. From there on, we’ve gotten a lot of applications from people who are complete newbies to Second Life. Of course, we were all once newbies, but most of us got help from other people! Now, we want to help these people so they can come to enjoy Second Life as much as most of us do. So keep your eyes peeled, and add the Mischief Managed Flickr for further updates!


Now, on about the dress! This dress got me drooling. If you have a liiiiittle of a closer look you’ll see how amazingly detailed the front is. I didn’t take pictures of the back, but the butt is real puffy, like you would see on medieval-like dresses, and it’s just plain beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors, black… red, but there’s also one out there that I love that comes with kinda… turquise/azure-like colors. There are a few other colors as well, but I’ll let you check that yourself if you get to the store! The hair I’m sporting here is free, it’s from CatWa and comes in a fatpack. The skin is from Leafy and I’m going to be doing a better review of this, and two to three other skins tomorrow. Get your ass to Violent Seduction, this baby of a dress is waiting for you!


Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Scene – DB
Hair: ^;^CatWa^;^ Candy V2 Roots/Snow (Free)
Dress: Violent Seduction – Versailles (Death)
Shoes: [whatever] high heel – yellow

Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Pure – DB
Hair: ^;^CatWa^;^ Candy V2 Roots/Mocha (Free)
Dress: Violent Seduction – Versailles (Blood)
Shoes: [whatever] high heel – bordeaux

January 10, 2013


Hello there my fabulous readers. I’ve posted quite a bit the last few days, haven’t I? I think my last post was yesterday, even. But I don’t mind, I’ve been creative as of late and I like to be busy – so that’s no problem. ‘You like to be busy?’ I hear you say… but yea, I really do. I feel quite empty when I have nothing to do, and I get bored so easily. I’ll end up perving Reddit, 9gag, Tumblr, Flickr, spamming Plurk… Yeah, and after I’ve done all of those I get to eating. I just need something to do, and I feel good when I’ve finished something I’ve worked hard on!


Anyway, this post is going to be for the House of Fox blogger search. I’ve been a long-time fan of everything Fashionboi has made, and I could just hand this diva my wallet for it to get lost in the depths of his store. Three of my favorite items of last month are in there, including another skirt from Pink Outfitters! Of course, another round of Collabor88 has come, and LaGyo came out with a beautiful set of jewelery. They come in a variety of colors and I just adore them. There’s a berret ánd a belt out there too, so whether you’re going to fight the early-month Collab lag or if you’re planning on visiting in about a week, these cuties are there waiting for you!



  • Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Special 1L Skin4 (1L, as it says!)
  • Eyes: .ID. Glimmer Contacts / The Arcade / Blue (no longer available)
  • Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Lyric – Browns (comes with beanie)
  • Top: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Leather Tee]
  • Pants: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans #8
  • Ring: LaGyo_Starla ring gold (Collabor88)
  • Shoes: DECO – MESH Thunder Bolt (no longer available)


January 8, 2013


Hi there guys, I have a fun post for y’all today. Or isn’t it? :3 I surely think it is. I’m in love with all of these items. The hoodie from Violent Seductions is one of my favorite items of the last week; you can get it in a variety of colors, including a ‘panda’ version (which is so adorable I just had to mention it) but I went for pink this time. The entire post is cuddled by pink and white – and erm, azure lol, so I just had to use this one. Speaking about the azure, I’ve just got to say that this hair is abselutely gorgeous. It’s from ~Tableau Vivant~, I think for the Collabor88 round but I’m not sure. I’ll figure it out once I get to the credits.


In the third and last outfit here I’m sporting the cute ‘dress tuxedo’ from Eclectic Apparel. This store has many mesh clothing that I adore, some that I still wish to buy once the proper blog-post comes along, and this one is just adorable. It fit perfectly with the *BOOM* bowkerchief that I bought… umm, I think at the last round of My Attic, The Deck, and with these leggings that I’m not sure of if they’re still available. Those were bought at a round of fi*Friday, which is quite a long time ago, so I’m not all too sure about wether or not it’s still available in store. Anyway, I’m going to be working on a new banner – and I’m thinking about making some sort of background picture as well. Buuuut… I’m not all too sure about that one just yet. We’ll have to wait and see! I’ll be finishing the banner tomorrow (I think) so if you’re super curious, you can come back tomorrow to have a look. Or just keep your eyes peeled, for it’ll probably be posted on my Flickr-page as well. Have fun at the new round of Collab guys! It opened at midnight but I’m going to wait a day or three before I go myself, haha, I can’t stand lagging that much!


+ 1:



  • Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY* Special 1L Skin5 (1L!)
  • Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Lythrum hair (L) azure (Collabor88)
  • Bow: *BOOM* bowkerchief (past My Attic item, not sure if available)
  • Dress: e! Tuxedo Dress (Blush) White Collar
  • Tights: -ATTIC- Leaves Stockings white
  • Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogue Womens Charcoal
January 6, 2013


Hi there yalll. It’s late to say from me but happy new year to all! I’m very glad that I made it out alive, aren’t  you? I had a great time with my family and friends although the fact that I have to miss my parents and little sister. They’re on vacation to my mothers homeland, but they will come back soon. I’m very sorry that I haven’t blogged much in December, but I couldn’t do anything to prevent that! I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog much, and here it is, I wasn’t. In the upcoming few weeks I will do all in my power to keep blogging, but I will be busy guys… I’m very busy with Mischief Managed, or well, I try to be busy with it because right now it’s my main SL priority, and I will be going back to school irl soon. But no worries, every single piece of free time that I have will be dedicated to keeping my blog alive!


I’ve got some awesome new goodies for you in this post. One of them is my favorite freebie(1L) of the last couple of weeks. I’m talking about the skin, from .:Mother Goose:.. Of course, we all know this store for their amazing pillar FULL of luckyboard skins, but also cheapies, and freebies. I was so glad to have found this skin for only 1L: no attachments, no hearts on the cheeks, no nothing. Just plain… a beautiful skin. Of course, [whatever] came out with a pair of wonderful shoes again. I’ve been getting the feeling that Candy, the owner and founder of [whatever], has been focusing on shoes more the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been enjoying that a lot. I mean look at those sweeties! I adore them. The hair from Eaters Coma… oh goodies. There are no words that can express my love for this hair. Just. None.

  • Skin: +amitomo+ (no longer available)
  • Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Invaded
  • Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 09 / Light Mauve
  • Sweater: tram -dolman sleeve sweater pink
  • Jar: *May’s Soul* sweet jar
  • Skirt: e! Polly Skirt (Smoke)
  • Shoes: tulip. Studded Loafers


  • Skin: .:Mother Goose’s:. Suzanne (1L!)
  • Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Sugar
  • Hair: [ 69 ] SMINA – Light Ash Brown
  • Bag: [glow] for Arcade (no longer available)
  • Sweater: The Apple Apparel – Drip Sweater
  • Ring: .O. it’s FASHION WEEK baby! ring (soon!)
  • Pants: Ricielli Mesh – Highwaister Jeans //degrademint
  • Shoes: [whatever] honey k – black [SILVER]