Can I buy your shape?
— No, you can’t. All and the ONLY shapes I am selling
are on the Marketplace. I’m not selling my personal shape,
I don’t do any custom shapes, nor do I sell any of the other
shapes on my blog. Any shape related questions
will be ignored, sorry!

What kind of graphics card do you have?
— Well, up until recently I worked with a very bad
computer where I couldn’t even get basic shaders on.
I just took my pictures on a high resolution and
added shadows and highlights in Photoshop.
But right now I’m running a AMD Radeon HD7000
graphicscard with a dualcore processor.

How do you draw hair?
— I use a drawing tablet (Wacom Bamboo, you can never
go wrong with one of those!) to do most of my editing
in Photoshop, and certainly to draw hair. You can try using
some hair brushes and maybe look around on Deviantart,

Do you want to do a blog post with me?
— No sorry, I barely have time to tend to my own blog
now adays, and I never really do blog posts with other people
unless they are with my friends or family.

Can I pay you to do a picture for me?
— Sorry but, no. I have taken clients in the past and have
edited custom pictures for people but I don’t do it anymore.
It puts a strain on my creativity and overall, it was just an
unpleasant expierence. I don’t like doing it, so I won’t!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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