Hey there dearieeees. Today, as you can see, I’ve tried to do something new. At least, editing-wise. I’ve been wanting more clean-looking pictures for a while now, but I didn’t exactly know what and how to do it. I didn’t want to just copy someone else’s template because I know most wouldn’t appreciate that, and I was sick of my old one. I do like this one, but do yóu guys like it!? Please do tell me on my flickrpage right here.

Let’s talk about the clothes, but not all too much, shall we? I find myself in love with the little goodies and accesories from *May’s Soul* as of late. The jar of strawberries is from that store, and I think it’s adooorable. The bag is from a new store, LUSE, and comes in various colors. As some might recognize they’ll know I’m wearing one of the latest [BURLEY] hair’s, but that it’s a male one. Maybe you won’t recognize it because I’m not showing it from the side, but it’s the one with the little ponytail and shaved ‘Skrillex’-cut. The thights I’m wearing in the first outfit and the dress I’m wearing in the second are from .:Eclair:., a store of which I love almost every item because they are so creative and nicely textured.

That was it for the talk today, thank you so much for the many vieuws I’ve gotten in merely a few weeks of my blog’s excistance! elisa ♥♥♥♥’s you.

+ glam affair – lilith creatura 02 bl
eyes + dead apples. sinistre lifeless drowned (horror pack)
eyeshadow + dead apples. ose black (fi*friday item, hurry!)
hair + [burley] sammy platinum 03
piercing + *may’s soul* nose2ear piercing
top + -glam affair- openside top black
skirt + {sms} waist skirt denim brown
thights + .:eclair:. zebra aztec leggings (green)
shoes + [whatever] flatboots black (fi*friday item, hurry!)

+ the body co. petal (01fair) black brows
eyes + dead apples. sombre blue
eyeshadow + dead apples. ose azure (fi*friday item, hurry!)
hair + !lamb – blue velvet – kitkat
strawberry jar + *may’s soul* sweet jar
clutch + luse – olympia leather clutch bag
dress + .:eclair:. promise dress (chili pepper)
stockings + rama rowanberry – knee nylon x-ray socks
shoes + ::lc:: amen distress bootie (groupgift! 100L groupfee!)

<3 okkbye


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