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October 31, 2013


#159Pose by Champloo

  • Skin: .Birdy. Snow Skin ~Porcelaine~ Natural (Enchantment)
  • Attachment: .Loud Mouth. – Alli with Normal teeth
  • Hair: !lamb – Soma – Kit Kat (edited!)
  • Glasses: * S O R G O – WERS Black (G)
  • Earrings: (epoque.s) What a Stud Earrings – Gold
  • Undershirt: One To Lounge – no longer available
  • Sweater: tulip. V-Neck Sweater (XS – Salmon)
  • Necklace: (Yummy) Magic Hour Pendant (Collabor88)
  • Skirt: .: vive nine :. Chloe Jersey Draped Skirt – Black
  • Tights: no longer available
  • Shoes: Schadenfreude Purple/Ivory Dot Classix Nouveaux
October 25, 2013



SO. Dead Apples released some uh-ma-zing new eyes, perfectly in time for Halloween. They come in LOADS of colors. You can go for the dead, white eye look, or for the opposite, black, and all of the colors inbetween. Some colors are a mix between two, like the purple and yellow (which are among my favorites since they are two opposite colors but work so well together) and of course, the solid colors. I really enjoy these eyes, and the fact that they come with mesh eyeballz too. This means, clearer textures AND you can wear one color in one eye, and a different one in another!
              Now I’ve always loved these these dolls from *COCO*, but didn’t like that I couldn’t have my own head on it. Don’t get me wrong, the heads are extremely well made and look amazing, but I just love tattoo layers, wearing fantasy eyes, scars, or maybe I’m just a little vain. So I noticed someone on Flickr wearing one of the doll dresses, and I thought “wth, but it’s a completely different rig?” and noticed that she was wearing just the doll’s body. So I pulled my doll out of my inventory, made an alpha, and just didn’t wear the head part. I love the effect! Especially for Halloween.
             Another little thing that I want to adress is my Loud Mouth! I was editing it a bit, and ugh, blah, blergh, I just didn’t like the shape. I like my mouths kind of narrow, with thick lips, and the Loud Mouth is kind of broad in my opinion. So I tried resizing it, but it didn’t get the effect I wanted. So then I thought… what if I click “edit linked parts” and edit it that way? And it totally worked! So happy about that! If you do try to try this yourself you should note that there is a lipstick layer and that you have to edit that seperately too, since you cant edit them both at a time. I love this effect way more though, and I’m very happy with how it looks now. I still wish that they were a little fuller, because I just personally love that, but who knows, maybe their next mouth will be with thick, lucious and pouty lips.

#158Fairy Poses by Label Motion

  • Skin: .tsg. Bunny :: Vampy :: NoBust (The Azz Show)
  • Eyes: {D.A} Phantom Eyes – The Ripper
  • Hair: [e] – but no longer available, sorry.
  • Body & dress: *COCO* Doll Avatar with Monster Limbs
  • Ears: Lovely Alien – Webbed Elf Ears
  • Add-ons: .Loud Mouth. – Alli with Vampire teeth
October 20, 2013


Pose by marukin

October 20, 2013




October 19, 2013


#155Pose by MODEL POSES

  • Lippy: Essences – Sog Lipgloss 09 (dark) (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Hair: ::Exile:: London Rain:Cranberry
  • Glasses: Vixyn – Iggy Glasses – Cheetah
  • Top: erratic / keira – shirt / pure white
  • Necklace: [whatever] chain big necklace – gold
  • Pants: [NOIR] – Axl Chinos – Black (don’t know if still available)
  • Bag: ::{u.f.o}::rhea saffiano bag – shoulder – rare
  • Heels: (Milk Motion) Salome sandals – R – burgundy


October 17, 2013




  • Skin: .Birdy. Rose Skin ~Porcelain~ (Cosmetics Fair)
  • Hair: BUFFY by Herve Faenzo, Reds (Lust) (Collabor88)
  • Hat: (Milk Motion) cat beanie – teal/pinkdots RARE (TCF)
  • Scarf 1: O.M.E.N – ARCADE GACHA – Scarf – Silver Gray
  • Scarf 2(TokiD) scarf knots – flower
  • Kitty!Ohmai: Mochi Kitten (Pet Ver – Hold)
  • Cardi: (TokiD) Juliana sweater_xxs (black)
  • Tattoo’s: .Reckless. – The Witching Hour (LFS)
  • Jeans(TokiD) jeans sorry mom (blue patch)
  • Shoes(TokiD) boho shoes – light & socks
  • Pose by { Champloo }
October 16, 2013


Cosmetic Fair: Birdy & Dead Apples

#153unedited image here



  • Skin: .Birdy. Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~ Angelic (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Blush: {Dead Apples} Shimmery Cheeks – Rose (Light) (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Eyebrows: {Dead Apples} Innocence Eyebrows – Red (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Blush
  • Hair: MINA Hair – Tabita + color HUD
  • Top: (= potcha. loose-fit Knit 04 S (The Chapter Four)
October 11, 2013


Collabor88 opened again and I’m pretty excited about this round. I love everything dark and horror-y about October, and this theme is very fitting: “Dark Magic”. From Yummy’s necklace’s to Tee*fy’s clothes, I liked a lot of things in this round’s Collab! I’ll definitely make a post with the Tee*Fy clothes later this week, because it’s really something new for them, in my eyes. Normally whatever I get from Tee*Fy or LaViere is cute and kawaii, but this time it was quite high fashion and a bit dark, even! Anyway on to these items: the hair from Clawtooth! Dear lord I love that hair. I don’t wear it casually, just for pictures, so if you aren’t going to take pictures with it I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not an every day style, at least. The shoes are from Collabor88 too, from [Valliant]. I think they’re a guest designer this month. Casual and cute; doesn’t really fit the theme, but definitely worth buying for everyday looks!

Pose by { Champloo }

  • Skin: .Birdy. Devon Skin ~Pure~ (Natural) RARE (TCF)
  • Lippy: .Birdy. Candy Lippy {8} (Candy Fair)
  • Hair: Clawtooth: Windswept – Delicious Wine (Collabor88)
  • Earrings: (Yummy) Wazing Moon Enchantment Earring (Collabor88)
  • Necklace 1: (Yummy) Waxing Moon Enchantment Pendant – Gold (Collabor88)
  • Necklace 2: .Olive. the Houses Pendant – Sly/Gold (Wizarding Faire)
  • Jacket: *chronokit* Tailored Jacket Leather Black Women
  • Jeans: Spirit Store – Kisya Jeans [Light Blue]
  • Shoes: [Valiant] Verts – F – L & R (RED) (Collabor88)
October 10, 2013





  • Ohmai Emporium: Free Elf Pet (Rez & Self-Pose) (Clotts) (Wizarding Fair)
  • [okkbye] Wizard Books H2 – The Mouse Who Knew No Fear (Wizarding Fair)


  • Skin: Essences – Qopi *light rose* brunette (Wizarding Faire)
  • Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Alyssa – Anniversary Edition
  • Freckles: Blank Static Moles V3
  • Cap: *BOOM* Student Cap/plain (wi/materials) (Wizarding Faire)
  • Books: Lark – Care of Magical Creatures (Attach) (Wizarding Faire)
  • Owl: ::{u.f.o}::magical monster pet – defkon – black (Wizarding Faire)
  • Button blouse: Schadenfreude Ivory Oxford, Shirt
  • Vest: *BOOM* House of the Snake Vest (youth) 2
  • Skirt: DCNY_A-Line Skirt_Basic Black XXS
  • Shoes: fri. – Basic Flats (Black)


October 6, 2013


New Birdy, hairs and Wizarding Faire!

Wizarding Faire opens today, 6th of October at 12PM SLT.




October 4, 2013


Hiya! Today the “We <3 Roleplay” event opens for another round, and theres loads of adorable goodies! Birdy has a new gatcha at the Chapter Four and this skin is sooo cute! It kind of has an Asian-ish face in my opinion, but without a monolid. I also got my hands on some cute shoes that fit perfectly with my Witchy look, for Wizarding Fair, which opens on the 6th! I’m so excited for that event. I’m sure all Harry Potter fans from over the grid are waiting and screaming. So that’s what’s first this October, and I already know of so many more events that are goin to tickle your eyes if you love dressing up and costumes. <3

Please note that the color of the garter and the color of the bow on the vest have been edited.

  • Skin: .Birdy. Devon ~ Pure ~ Natural RARE (TCF)
  • Eyes: .tsg. Luminate – Honey
  • Lippy:  JM:Mai skin_Toktok lips bubble
  • Hair: .:{Rumina}:. – Lark Hair – REDS HUD
  • Hat: A Tricky Witch – Witches Hat – Muted Red (W<3RP)
  • Band-aid: *Epic* Kawaii Band Aid {Skulls} – nose
  • Necklace: lassitude & ennui Heraldic (Wizarding Faire 10/6/13)
  • Vest: ::C’est la vie !:: fur vest(ivory)mesh XXS (W<3RP)
  • Dress: :: 1bp:: Babytux Mini XX Small Black
  • Tights: Izzie’s – Tights large fishnet
  • Shoes: lassitude & ennui Batty shoes (Wizarding Faire 10/6/13)
  • Garter: (fd) Garter Flask – this color doesn’t exist
  • Pose by aDORKable poses
October 2, 2013


I went over to Fantasy (gatcha?) Faire and I was so excited to be there! I didn’t think it would be /full/ of gatcha machines, like literally everything was a gatcha which I didn’t expect, but it was fun. It hurt my pocket a bit, though. Anyway one of the first things I saw upon arriving was this reptile-like tail thing! It is rigged, however it doesn’t move like I thought it would. It’s kinda cool for pictures and stuff, and I’m wearing it inworld rn too, but it doesn’t move great. Currently dancing next to my friend inworld, laughing our asses off at how hilarious it looks. I really love it though, no regrets! The headpiece is really cute too, it did take a little long to get a rare, but I’m just in love with it <3 I’m going to wear it for-ev-er. THE NEW BODY CO SKIN THO. I love it so muuuuuuch. There’s a new hairstore on the grid too, and I love this hairstyle! It’s a little big, but I like it a lot. BTW! Just to dismiss any confusion, the eyebrows are photoshopped! They were brown! And have fun at the Fantasy Faire guys ^-^