#012 Boyishly girl

Hello sweetcakes ♥ Today I bring you a look that is somewhat boyish, looks that I love myself. I have always loved to wear manly clothes on my avatars, and mostly pair it with long hair and makeup so it still keeps the girly look.

The hair, to begin with, is one that Fashionably Dead had made for Hair Fair 2012, but of course, is still in store. I don’t have a lot of ginger-colored hair, but with this hair I loved it. I mainly chose for red hair because I’ve put a tattoo-layer over this already freckly skin from Sugar. The skin is so super very cute, and I think the body tattoo-layer from L.Fauna only makes it complete. If some of you have read my blog before, they could’ve surely seen that I post a lot of things from L.Fauna into my looks. The makeup- and tattoo-layers are cheap, and beautiful.

The top is from Tea Time, an item that I would definitely see myself wearing in RL. I love the brown flap-thingy-thing on the elbow and think that the fact that it has an animal on it, a deer, is super cute. Thank you Tea ♥

And thank you Candy, for making these beautiful sweatpants and spoiling us with colors! There is one in there that I love myself; universe; I just think that one is awesome. It didn’t fit into this look right here so I chose this one, but you should definitely have a look at Swagfest and see for yourself if you like it. I adore sweatpants in SL, and this one fits perfectly, just like those lovely shoes that I got at the Arcade. I’ve been looking at highs and lows to pair these shoes with an outfit, and I finally found one!

skin + s u g a r 1: powdered – punky babe
eyes + dead apples. sinistre sombre blue
freckle layer + l.fauna serious freckles pale 2
lipstick layer + izzie’s – dailyn lipstick – light matt natural
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
hair + {fd} saturday – orange 8

sweater + *tea time* deer sweater
sweatpants + [whatever] sweatpants black/grey (swagfest item!)
shoes + deco – mesh thunder bolts yellow (the arcade exclusive, over now)
necklace + rama rowanberry – the human mind {black}

Oh and not to forget! How do you like my new layout and banner?
A new banner is on it’s way, hopefully, because I don’t really like this one :C
Anyway, thank you again girls. Happy shopping and don’t forget Collab this month!
<3 okkbye


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