Hello babyguuuuurls. How is you? Who is you-who? I’ve been super busy the last few days with all kinds of things for school, but I’ve known how to squeeze a post in between! And it’s one of my favorites so far, if I’d have to say so myself. After today I’ll have two more days of class, and after that I’ll have one entire week of vacation. Wheeeeeeeeeww! I hope I’ll be able to edit some portraits again instead of blogposts because, although I love editing and doing blogposts, I also love to over-edit pixel faces. I might be going on a trip out of town too, so I won’t be able to post every other day. But that’s one time, so I know you guys’ll be able to live without me :>

Two elikatira weaves, yaaay. Elikatira has been my favorite hair stores since the beginning of my SLife. Right now I’ve know that there are more hairstores than Elikatira, but before I realized that I had been collecting a lot – and I mean /a lot/ of their hairs. My hairfolder is full with [e]. FILLED. No joke, you don’t want to see it.

Lately my inventory is filling with Glam Affair as well. Not only because they are one of my sponsors, but also because I am in fucking loooove with their stuff. Their skins, their shoes, their – hats – in this case. A store that I’ve come to discover as of late is Vestigium, a store mostly focused on tattoo’s. I’m wearing one of theirs on the left outfit, and you’ll have to agree with me that they look pretty freakin’ amazing, no!?

Something I’m in love with in this post as well is the corset from [whatever]. This store always has a large range and big variety of products, coming from shoes to, now, even lingerie. This set comes with a thong (mmyes, sexy sexy!) and is only 70L at The Dressing Room! – My favorite, and favorite item of the month even, must be this jacket from *chronokit*. It’s such a good idea for an SL item, it’s so well made, and the textures are to die for. The fur (which you can buy in a variety of colors!) just tops it off perfectly. I have a coat just like this in real life, and just like there, I wear it all the time in SL.

+ -glam affair- roza basic – arctic – clean d
eyes + dead apples. sinistre cloudy blue
lipstick + .:glamorize:. winter spur – burnt red (only 20L for 20 colors, omgah!!)
hair + [e] listen – brown 08
hat + lagyo_blackdrop hat white (@collabor88!)
necklace + miel uva necklace (free!)
tattoo’s + vestigium – henna [g] l
top + [whatever] seductive corset (only 70L @ the dressing room!)
skirt + {mon tissu} oxford pecil skirt
shoes + {mon tissu} sloane pumps ~ gray

+ [pf] ember <milk> pure (ltbrow)
eyes + dead apples. horror pack – sinistre darkness
lipstick + .:glamorize:. winter spur – shadow (only 20L for 20 colors omgah!!)
hair[e] details – brown 05
hat + -glam affair- mouse studded headpiece in black
coat + *chronokit* mods coat 01
coat fur + *chronokit* mods coat 01 fur white
jeans + [noir] acl chinos – black (former fi*fri item, can’t find it no moar…)
shoes + *gf* bow strap shoes “kate” (free gg!)

♥ love yall, okkbye.


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