#010 Glammin’

Hello bbygurrlls. I’m very happy to only have posted 10 blogposts (this one included) and to already be sponsored by so many awesome stores. If any of the owners are reading: thank you very much for this opportunity, I appreciate it lots :} You’ve got my loyalty <3 Okaaaay, let’s just get to the clothes hm? I don’t feel like writing a whole novel because I’ve been sick-ish since saturday.

The blond hair with strawberry tips was my favorite item from Fifty Linden Friday last friday. Wasabi Pills had set up a little stand with about eight different hairstyles, all fifty linden, and if you have missed it I am very sorry for your loss, LOL. No seriously, you should’ve been there and you shoul’ve gotten this hair – I might be a little easy on it, but the fact that it’s only fifty linden makes the hair 10times more awesome. But, if you still want to buy it (because it is very awesome hair) you should head to Wasabi Pills mainstore because it’s still available.

Mesh pants, mesh pants, mesh pants <333 Paper.doll came with beautiful mesh pants who fit per-fect-ly. They have cute detail on the buttocks and aaah… Just demo them at Swagfest. The shirt is something that brought a lovely classy tint to the outfit, which I love. It’s from Eclair and comes in a lot of different colours. I think it’s very creative, how she did this piece. When you cam to the back it’s just stunning, and I’ve worn this piece a lot.

Yes, yes, yes. Elisa got a new skin… again. You should know by now that I am a skin addict! I hadn’t been before, but as for now I certainly am. This one is Creatura from Glam Affair and I’m not going to say too much about it, because it needs no further words. Just look at it; the lips the eyes, the nose. God, and it goes so well with a pair of Dead Apples eyes. The shoes are from Glam Affair too, and bring lovely detail in both the studs and the texturing of the boot itself. Ok. Credits.

skin + glam affair – lilith creatura 02 d
hair +
wasabi pills – veronica hair vanilla pudding
eyes +
dead apples cloudy blue
eyeshadow +
l.fauna simple smokey

top + .:eclair:. jaquar peplum top (silver)
pants +
paper.doll star studded denim black (swagfest!)
shoes +
glam affair studded boots black
necklace +
 [glow] ocean necklace
+ rama rowanberry – horned dead friend (sale!)


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