#013 Creatures of cities and forests

Hey my lovely reader :3 I told you I was going to do more fantasy-styled posts, didn’t I? Hehe, well, here it is. I’m planning on making a whooole lot more for you though. Just like of all the other clothing-styles that I adore. Although I’m in love with literally almost every clothing style out there, I must say that fantasy/medieval-ish has to be my favorite.

A two person post, too. Yeah, I think I’m going to do more of those as well. This time I made the post with my dear friend who goes under Nyx/Micha/Krentenbaard. (lol, I can’t even, if you’re Dutch you’ll understand why that name is so freakin’ funny) Buuuut, I think that if I’m going to do other two-person posts I’ll just do it with me… and… eh… me. :} Or with Micha again, if she wants to.

Let’s get to the part where I talk about the clothing: I got these cute props/clothes from May’s Soul. It a lovely store really and honestly, the sculpts are just very well made and textured, and not even to say well put together. The nosering-thing, the bag Micha is wearing, my belt and her legband are from this store. I should sure as hell visit if I were you, because even without this kind of look the cute little things can go well with how you like to dress.

Micha is dressed in all Miel, when you look at the dress and shoes. I haven’t been able to make a pic of the front of the dress (because I… well, forgot) but it really is stunning! The mesh looks awesome, and although these shoes are quite old, they are beautifully made as well. Now that we’re talking about old stuff, we could immediately head over to what’s new. The hair I’m wearing (left) is from LaViere and is FREE. Yes, the two strands of hair give a somewhat odd look but I’m a bit of a weirdo, so I immediately fell in love with it. When I saw the pic on flickr I neeeded to have it, but when I saw that it was free I rushed to the store like a maniac. xoxoxo love from me <3


skin + glam affair – lilith creatura lb
eyes + dead apples. sinistre madness
blood + *edelweiss* bloody skin luckyboard (free with mesh bloody sailor costume!)
eyeshadow + l.fauna simple smokey (only 50L!)
piercing + may’s soul – nose2ear piercing (feral set)

hair+ -LaViere- momo/white (free color tester!)
horns + illusions ~ grumble horns

top + paper.doll – lea (rummage sale item! only 25L!)
thights + .:eclair:. wet look leopard thights
beltmay’s soul – rescue me set
heels + whatever – high heel blush groupgift (300L groupfee totally worth it)

+ *league* jen fair natural (breast e)
eyes + dead apples. nebula spring
scar + corvus – eye scar
face paintmay’s soul – tribal set (only 50L!)

hair + magika [03] awkward
elf ears + lovely alien – webbed ears
backpackmay’s soul
dress + miel – playa dress
leg bandmay’s soul – bubble set leg band
shoes + miel – far boots


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