Hey there bbyyyy’s. How is you today? Still in the Halloween spirit like me, or have you seen enough gore and horror in your Flickr feeds? Well I certainly haven’t. And I’m even scared that this is going to be sticking to me for a whoooole lot longer than only thing Halloween period.

The horror-edition eyes from Dead Apples is the best buy I’ve done so far. EVER. Not even kidding, I wear them every single day. It is no secret how much I am in love with this store. I could just hand Soleil my wallet because I can be found at her mainstore’s sim at least twice a month, even after I’ve bought so much already.

-Glam Affair- came out with new skins, Halloween themed, as you can see! The two skins Aida released before these were called Ginny and Roza, and she made variations on them, calling them “The dark side of Ginny/Roza”. I love the concept, and hell, they are well excecuted! When I put these skins on my pixel-body I couldn’t freaking contain myself and nearly jizzed. (LOOOOOL sorry jkjkjkjk ♥) Seriously though, they are gorg.

There’s a few freebies in this post once again, like a lot of times before, and cheapies. The antlers on the left outfit are a LuckyBoard gift from [ContraptioN] and the horns on the right outfit are only 50L! Omfg… so tjiep. Also the blood that I had smeared all over the right outfit is a LuckyBoard gift from *Edelweiss*. It comes with a school uniform, mesh, that I abselutely adore. It’s so cute yet creepy, and comes with a few cute poses (the ones I used) as well.

+ skin: -glam affair- dark side – ginny02 a
+ eyes: dead apples. horror pack sinistre bloodlust
+ hair: [burley] sammy platinum05
+ hairbase: ls hb purple (only 100L for 11 colors!)
+ antlers: [contraption] clemantlers *silver* (free lb!)
+ sweater: tram – dolman sleeve sweater [black]
+ skirt: (tokid) mini miji – black (only 15L!)
+ shoes: *dl* baggers ladies

+ skin: -glam affair- dark side – roza 03 a
+ eyes: dead apples. horror pack sinistre madness
+ hair: [burley] shiro magnate06
+ horns: illusions – grumble horns (only 50L!)
+ fangs: [ni.ju] fangs (free!)
+ blood: *edelweiss* blood from “bloody sailor” (free lb!)
+ dress: <mariko> dolly dress bloody (only 50L!)
+ lollipop: {essences} giant lollipop – vampire (@cinema until 31oct)
+ shoes: r(s)w mary jane – classic black

Like my credits better in the middle or in the side like this? :>
Tell me on my flickr cuteseeee, ♥♥♥♥♥okkbye.


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