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September 30, 2012

#006 Swagfest

Hello baby’s. Today was busy busy busy for me and I think it’s going to be more busy. Promised people to do things for them in both RL and SL, and I always do my best to keep to my promises. Got to do everything today, before class starts tomorrow, so I’ll make this a short but fabulous post, k!?

Okay! Well, as the title says, this post is all about Swagfest 2012. A loooad of designers have made items just and solely for this event, and I am the fortunate one who can show you a few of those in this sneak peek. But you don’t have to be impatient, because Swagfest is already starting tomorrow on October 1st, and then you will be able to buy these fantastic clothes. If you want to read more about Swagfest or if you want to check out the list of designers, go to:

So loves! We’re going to start off with this shark long top, which reminds me somewhat of what basketball-players wear. I love love it, and if you don’t want to wear it like I am doing on the pic, you could wear it as a dress as well! I put a bra underneath it but if you’re a bad girl you could wear it without, hahaha! The top is from Whatever and comes in a loaaad of other colors, but I’ll keep those a secret for you so you can see them at the fair tomorrow.

The pants! Aaaah, yes they are cute right? You will be able to find the pants at the fair tomorrow, and from the same store, Tenacio, are the shoes. When I saw them at first I couldn’t stop looking at them because of the eye on detail; I just love them.

The other items are not from the fair, but if you take a little look at the list of designers on Swagfests’ website… you… will want to get your wallet, because I’ll garantuee you’ll be poor like I am going to be.


skin + mother goose’s soomi-2
hair + ::exile:: catwalk – swiss
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeshadow + l.fauna smokey cat golden/brown
eyes + mojo – real eyes brown with light

bra + paper.doll t-shirt undies (cherry)
shirt + whatever – longtop shark (not out until tomorrow @ swagfest!)
pants + *tenacio* dorian pants grey (not out until tomorrow @ swagfest!)
shoes + *tenacio* nabuki sneakers sugar skull edition
bag + *tea time* black music bag

Ty girls and have a lot of fun at Swagfest ok? <3 okkbye

September 28, 2012

#005 Rainy days in autumn

Glad to see you’ve tuned in (again)! Today I’m going to be blogging a loaaad of very, very cute stuff that you can go wear this autumn. Tea Time came with coats in four colours, all of them veeeery pretty. Style them with a cute pair of still summery earrings, some cheap panty-hoses, some cute shoes, and you’ve got an outfit. Oops, of course, you should wear your favorite hair with it. For this look I chose the short hair from Tram, an item that was featured at 50L friday last week but is, of course, still in store. The main reason I’ve chosen for this hair was to show off these beautifull earrings from Elate, who still give a summery feeling to the autumn weather!

As you will be able to see down here, I’ve added a little feature to my pictures. The ‘details’ section, with little pictures of the details and other things that may be useful to see as well. I don’t know if I will be doing this with every picture considering that it probably won’t be needed with every single one of them, but at least, now you can expect them from me!

What you can also expect from me in the upcoming weeks, is that you will see whole other sides of me. I won’t be sticking to a certain fashion trend, or a certain style. I would like to be considered as a creative blogger with a lot of crazy, fun, simple and dark looks – and of course all the other around and in between! I’m going to try to do some fantasy-themed posts as well, because I love it, but don’t worry, I won’t stop with what I normally do. I love /a lot/ of styles, and I want to be able to blog every single one of them. <3

skin + the body co. iris (01fair) brown
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeshadow + [h+l] pinklemon liner (store closed)
eyes + dead apples. sinistre – sombre blue
hair + tram – b921 hair (beige)

coat + *tea time* autumn long jacket red/azure
thights + (attitudes) lace pantyhoses
earrings + elate! julie earring silver
shoes + fir & mna – the ashford brogues charcoal

umbrella & pose + chisa creation – umbrella

tyvm sweeties <3 okkbye

September 26, 2012

#004 Black unicorns

Heeeeeeeey lovelies! Here I am with a more… mature look :’D I’ve been wanting to make one well… ever since my very first post (which isn’t very long ago lol) and finally I… somewhat… accomplished. I went for a more dark look this time, other than the ‘cute’ ones I’ve already done. Though when I saw this unicorn in my inventory… well, I just couldn’t resist to add it along with the rest.

I am ab-se-lute-ly in /love/ with the lipstick and eyes I am wearing in this pic. The eyes come in maaaany different colours and are mesh, and only 85L omgomgomgomg I was so happy when my friend brought me to this store. Let’s say I’ve bought more than a pair of eyes there… The lipstick is from the same store as well, and it came with prim teeth; so for prim teeth fans, yay! I don’t like them myself, mostly because they don’t fit with my shapes, though when I see them on others sometimes I’m very tempted to put some on myself… But alas, I stuck with the lipstick and ugh… so gorg.

As for the other clothing… I have to say something about this mesh blouse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ison – god, so much excitement in this post – and I’ve probably already blogged them a few times… and God, when I saw this blouse I nearly died. I was happy it was only 50L at Fifty Linden Friday last friday, but I would’ve gladly payed more!

Let’s get to theeeeeeeee credits!

skin + the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
eyes + dead apples – murdered brown
eyeshadow + l.fauna – simple smokey
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
lipstick + dead apples – {d.a} matte black
hair + [ink] natum white (hair fair 2012 gift)

blouse + ison. cut out square shirt gray
skirt + tokid – mini miji black
shoes + gfield – strap shoes alex

unicorn plush + silentsparrow – uni-ee (caramel) plush

<3 okkbye

September 21, 2012

#003 Earl’s sweetest candybar

Heeey everyone! I began with this post, of course, putting a look together. I wanted to put one together that displayed the other fashion side of me; the more dark one… but in the end I ended up making another ‘cute’ post. I found these handpuppets in my inventory and found this pose in which it looks like she’s nomming on the (also very cute litte thing) golden candy bar (Harry Potter themed).

If some didn’t know yet they will come to know now: I roleplay, and have roleplayed for a while now, in the roleplay sim Mischief Managed. I have loads and loads of Harry Potter themed clothing and as a Potterhead I will probably tint a lot of my posts with Harry Potter. Sorry, geek here! Anyway, the hand-puppets are made by Anya Ohmai, and the candybar by Chandni Khondji. For as far as I know the handpuppets unfortunately aren’t for sale, and the candy-bar is only for sale in the roleplay sim – as mentioned before – Mischief Managed. Sorry guys! The other Harry Potter themed thing in the post is the necklace that I blogged before, made by Naminaeko Resident.

Enough about Harry Potter, right!? The shoes and garter-socks are oddly placed in this post, yes, I know. I must say that it looked cuter inworld. But I just have to state that I abselutely adore these garter-socks. They aren’t visible very well, but I love them to death. I wear them all the time. Leeeeeeeeeeet’s just go to the credits, no one wants to read this load of bull!

skin + my ugly dorothy – alexis (burly)
eyes + mayfly – deep sky eyes green
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
hair + [e] soft rich browns

candybar + earl’s sweetest candybar (?)
hand puppets + ohmai (not for sale?)
necklace + .olive. deadliest of hallows (hogwarts pack)
headband + u.f.o party in your bathroom

sweater + (to one lounge) onpi swet gray
garter socks + t.whore punk stockings dots
shoes + severed garden dana boots

Ty girls, see you soon <3 okkbye

September 16, 2012

#002 The Arcade

Helloooo. How ‘soon’ can be very soon, right? I just couldn’t help but make a post again due to the event going on: The Arcade. It’s a gacha event with events planned in September, December, March, and June. The first event began on the 15th of June, and shows gacha machines with little things made from over 65 top designers over Second Life. And of course, above all, cheap things! :’D That’s what we all love, don’t we?

I played a huge amount of gacha’s and merely a few of them are in this post, but only so many pieces fit together. One of the favorite pieces that I got at the Arcade were these rainboots from “NX-Narcotix”, they came in a few colours and I played the gacha two times to get two different colours. I love them and I am planning on wearing them a lot!
The second thing that I love here has to be the eggplant colored blouse from “ISON”, with sheer sleeves and such. I own quite a few things from this store, so when I saw this vending machine in the distance I knew immediately that it was them. I just needed the pose with the pumpkin from “Adorkable poses”, which also gave me the inspiration to do an Arcade and Fall themed post.

skin + the body co. petal (01 fair) black
lashes + redgrave elemental 16
eyes + mojo – real eyes brown (creator unknown¿)
hair + (chemistry) hair – lyric – caramel

blouse + ison. sheer baby blouse eggplant (the arcade item!)
shorts + erratic / jessy – studded shorts brown
shoes + nx narcotix rainboot orange & popcorn (the arcade item!)
ring + shapeup! vintage ring [02] (the arcade item!)
watch + *katat0nik* (black bunny) (the arcade item!)

September 14, 2012

#001 First one!

Helloooooo you! Thank you for being here and sneaking a peek of my very first post. :] If you click on my name above you’ll get a little amount of information about me, but you must know that this blog is still under construction. The way in which I make my pictures is under construction, the style of clothing, everything from A till Z. But that doesn’t mean I can’t provide you guys with a cute set of wonderfull clothing, aye? :’D Let’s get to that!

For my first post I’ve chosen to mainly show off these beautiful necklaces from the store “.Olive.” owned by a dear friend of mine, Naminaeko Resident. They are Harry Potter themed and anyone who has seen the last two movies – might – recognize them. You can fully customize them to your liking for they have a lot of options: The metal can be changed to gold, silver, and black – and the stones can be changed in a lot of colors as well. They come in a Hogwarts -, metal-, vained stones- and crystal cut pack. So they are for everyone, wether you’re a Potter-fan or not!

Of course I’ve been to Collabor88 of this month, yay! The cardigan from “Milk Motion” was an instant buy and I love it to death. Also the hair, from “D!va” was something I didn’t have to think about for long. I love hairs with a lot of loose strings of hair, and this one definitely has a lot. The headband also comes with jewels, which you can switch off – but you can also go around without the head band at all. Apart from that it can be recolored, so you’ll have a lot of options there!

The “not so bad” pants are definitely my favorite pants at the moment. I love mesh pants in general but these are just so nicely made and textured that I couldn’t help but spend my money on them. When I first saw they had new pants I ran to the store and got myself a pair; it seems like I haven’t put on anything other since that day.


skin + the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
tattoo lashes + l.fauna lashes
beauty marks + {emma} beauty marks & freckles
hair + d!va “manon” brown diamond (collabor88 item!)
eyes + mayfly deep sky eyes (stormy blue)

necklace + .olive. – deadliest of hallows
cardigan + milk motion – classic cardigan grey (collabor88 item!)
top + (tokid) spring shirt rose (former anniversary item. only 15L now!)
pants + not so bad . joan pants . faded
shoes + [whatever] mesh flats – rose

Thank you for reading my first post and I hope to come with more soon!
Keep an eye on the blog, and follow my flickrpage if you like.

<3 okkbye