#011 Glam Affair for Collabor88

Hey guys! I’m going to do a very short review on the new Collabor88 item from Glam Affair. I’m abselutely in love with it and I’m sure that a lot of you out there will love this 188L item as well! It comes in two skin colors that are called America and Europa, and those are available in 3 make-up options each. The one above is my favorite, I think it’s Europe 2, but I’m not sure. (Sorry guys, no landmarks today btw because SL is acting up right now and I’m doing this without SL. I was on SL a couple of minutes ago but right now my computer is bitching.) But okay, that was it for now! I think you guys will love to just look at it, so that’s what I’ll give you aye! LM’s tomorrow guys, I have class tomorrow and I gotta go now! Nighty night <3

hair + [burley] zia II browns
skin + glam affair – europa & america (collabor88!)
eyes + dead apples. sombre blue


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