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November 30, 2012


Er. Mah. Gerd. It’s time for The Arcade again. If you have never seen their website before you should click on the link back there, on the name of the event. It you watch the video on the website or you just so happen to read what it written on a few places, you’ll abselutely understand where I’m coming from when I say that what they say is abselutely true! Let me elaborate on that; when I’m at their location and I look around inworld, I can almost -smell- the buttery popcorn, hear the laughter around me, and hear the Arcade music. Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz have done -such- an amazing job on everything they did, but we can’t even expect anything less from those two talented creatures! I love the Arcade, the builders of the location, the event organizers, the designers and the bloggers. It’s such a good event and it’s no lie when I tell you this is my all-time favorite one.


There are items from the With Love <3 hunt in there too. It’s a very good hunt and it’s very much worth it to participate! We got stores out there like ::BeetleBones::, -Glam Affair-, {.essences.}, Maxi Gossamer, [glow], and a lot more. The hunt is starting tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, if I’m not mistaking, and the hunt items will be 10L each. Ok, lets go to the credits. I’ll be putting it in a little different today because we got more than two outfits up there, and you’d have to scroll up and down to see everything thing by thing. Or so that is what I know I would have to do at someone else’s blog.

IMPORTANT: I give you LM’s, but the Arcade isn’t open until December 1st.
Outfit 1 to 4 in order from left to right:


+ skin: [theskinnery]iris-sushi (brownie) lb (the arcade)
+ eyes: {d.a} couleur noisette
+ hair: ~ tableau vivant ~ ewing hair – black (the arcade)
+ headphones: .:standby inc. – retro headphones (the arcade)
+ scarf: o.m.e.n – scarf – forevergreen (the arcade)
+ cardigan: (milk motion) classic cardigan grey
+ dress: :paper.doll: lace frock: navy
+ tights: izzie’s – pattern tights (small dots)
+ shoes: . chillie . austin boots
+ staf: curio obscura – magical love justice staff rare (the arcade)
+ mouse plushie: intrigue co. – plushie palls: nibbled the mouse (the arcade)
+ rocks by feet: .o. the great battle pet rock – rare (the arcade)

+ mesh head: (fd) doll head – freckles smile (the arcade)
+ hair: *dura-girl*41(black)
+ earmuffs: *league* earmuffs -huh? (the arcade)
+ shoulder pet: .o. the captivating artist pet rock – rare (the arcade)
+ onesie: (cm) footie pajamas green (the arcade)
+ glasses: .o. the great battle wizard glasses rare (the arcade)
+ bunny bag: #13 *katat0nik* (sky/candy bunny) stuffed animal (the arcade)
+ macaroon bag: [glow] studio macaroon bag bergamot (the arcade)
+ mittens: *NB* mittens_holly (the arcade)
+ gumball machine: floorpan. gumball machine / mint (the arcade)


+ skin: lara hurley-yuna* (with love hunt)
+ eyes: {d.a} cloudy blue
+ hair: “”d!va”” hair “manon” (brown diamond)
+ top: ::pm:: lua top (with love hunt)
+ necklace1: kunglers extra (with love hunt)
+ necklace2: mg – necklace – paris black diamond (with love hunt)
+ tattoo: vestigium – la famiglia
+ pig: o.m.e.n – piggy – forevergreen (the arcade)
+ clutch: lagyo_loulou clutch midnight/saddle (the arcade)
+ ring: [glow] studio – diamond bar ring (with love hunt)
+ skirt: eaters coma – flared skirt / green
+ socks: – ribbed.socks (black)
+ shoes: {phosphenes} hogwarts shoes (30L gacha)

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic europa with <3 (with love hunt)
+ eyes: .id. glimmer contacts / amber &aqua (the arcade)
+ hair: clawtooth: elisa – wheat (the arcade)
+ tiara: noodles – whole new world tiara silver/jade (the arcade)
+ wings: [aux] fly free – pegasus – rare (the arcade)
+ scarf: fatewear scarf – granger – gryffindor – rare (the arcade)
+ top: tulip. baggy sweatshirt gray (the arcade)
+ pants: {sms} denim dark
+ shoesocks: *boom* fair isle woold mukluks (burnt sienna) (the arcade)
+ book&pose: flowey/’arcade tales #8 (the arcade)
+ prop narwhal: .o. the pizzy pizza narwhal pet rock – rare (the arcade)

The amount of the words ‘The Arcade’ in this post.. woah.
I had a lot of fun at The Arcade though, and I hope you will too.
See you there in less than 12 hours! Countdown at their website :>
Get exciteddddd!

November 25, 2012


Heeey there. I don’t normally do a post, and the day after another – or did I post that other one the day before yesterday…? Hm, anyway, I wasn’t planning on making another post until I saw that I forgot some items from BTTS that I adore. Also, I bought loads and loads of stuff on black friday so I used a few of those – and more importantly, I have a new face from [ iren ], a store by Irischka Hotshot. (You have no idea how much difficulty I had spelling that name lol.) I was going to do a full review of this skin but halfway through putting the pictures of that one together I was like ‘okay… I can’t do this’ because I’m just so bad at them. I’d rather do something creative, something like this, and just blog it another thousand times because the skin is abselutely adorable! It comes with it’s own mesh hands and a HUD for them, which is really cool if you ask me.

+ skin: -glam affair- with freckles from cosmetics pack
+ hair: magika – quote – pack 03
+ flower: noodles – collect some honey hairclip (@BTTS)
+ hoodie: [aux] bunny hoodie – black
+ plushie: ~silentsparrow~ uni-ee mesh unicorn

+ skin: [ iren ] olga_pale
+ eyes: {d.a} forest green
+ hair: >truth< jade – espresso
+ bracelet1: lagyo – beehive bracelet (@BTTS)
+ bracelet2: .o. tiny dewey bee bracelet (@BTTS)
+ sweater: *boom* cashmere sweater (gray)

+ skin: -glam affair- honey bee (@BTTS)
+ eyes: {d.a} gravey gray
+ hair: -laviere- darya soft caramel
+ jacket: *boom* [v] buttoned cape black

November 23, 2012


TOMORROW IS BEES THROUGH THE SEASONS AND YOU BETTER BE EXCITED OR YOU ARE NOT COOL. Okay, that having said, in all caps because I’m like that, I am in love with soooooo much of these pieces. Everything at Bees Through The Seasons is about… woah, you already guessed? How smart of you! Yes. Bees. And now we can all be Queen beeesss! (Don’t tell Crystal because she thinks she’s the only Queen bee.) Anyway, I am in loooove with this cute hairbow from PIDIDDLE OOOOMG! Like awwww.. look at it. It’s adorbz don’t even try to deny it. Also, I got a new face on the left! I’ll be doing a full review of it… probably monday.

Look at those earrings up there, and now look back to me. Those earrings DO NOT look like that in world! They DO NOT. They are waaaaaay cuter. I don’t know what the hell happened to that picture because I had my preferences on high and everything, but the earrings just came out like that I noticed like halfway through editing it. It sucks, but I got a better picture for you right heeeere:

Okay, so, those are the earrings, who are meant to be worn with that cute (the left) ring. I’m also wearing another ring, this one from !Ohmai, which you can also buy at Bees Through The Seasons. Another cute and adorable thing you can buy there are these tights. They are from Clemmmm (I hope I added enough m’s? lol) and awwww… they is so cute. Anyway, Clemmm is also selling these cute eyes which you can’t see very well, but if you click on the picture above you will be able to see a bigger version of the picture and then you’ll be able to see how cute they are. They come with mesh pieces (the yellow dots in the eye) and those are recolorable, so you’ll have a lot of options with that. You can even stick them onto your other eyes, because hell, THEY ARE MESH! Dear God I’m using a lot of caps today… let’s stop with that mmmmmkay and lets just get to the credits cuz I’m weird.

+ skin: [iren] olga_powder
+ eyes: {d.a} forest green
+ hair: magika quote
+ head…thing: beehive – bees antenna (@BTTS!)
+ dog: sd – sammy bee (@BTTS!)
+ cardigan: black cardigan (1L)
+ dress: ingenue :: tulp :: golden melody (@BTTS!)
+ tights: {happy pencil} cross tights
+ shoes: kookie – muggy (unavailable atm)
+ hands: [iren] olga_mesh hands powder

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic – clean d
+ eyes: clemmm – bee dot/dash eyes (@BTTS!)
+ hair: !lamb – soma kitkat
+ makeup: {d.a} ose black
+ hairbow: pididdle – bowtastic hairbow (@BTTS!)
+ earrings: .olive. the basic honeycomb earring (@BTTS!)
+ ring1: .olive. the basic honeycomb ring (@BTTS!)
+ ring2: !ohmai: antique bee ring (@BTTS!)
+ dress: w&b makybe knit dress black
+ tights: clemmm – sheerfully bee tights – yellow (@BTTS!)
+ shoes: [whatever] military boots black (@fi*friday)
+ bag: luse – tlauh bag

IMPORTANT: Bees Through The Seasons (BTTS) LM: here.

November 21, 2012


Hello bitches, I’m a little behind on blogging so most of these items aren’t very new. They are cute, though. The hair in the left outfit can be bought at fi*Friday. It’s sculpt, but short, so it works good. I think it’s amazing, to be honest. The necklace can be bought at another round of The Dressing room, and the skin from {.essences.} can be found at Around the World event. Another item that you can find at that event is the cute bracelet from .Olive., that comes in a variety of a few faces and colors.

The bag is for Happy Birthday CENSORED and to be quite honest I haven’t been able to find what exactly this event is about. I think it’s for the birthday of the store censored…? Please do tell me if you know because it’s a bit embarrassing lol. In any case, the bag is to die for and so incredibly cute I can’t even. The hem-dress is from {Happy Pencil}, a store that I’ve come to enjoy very much over time. It’s such a creative way to texture the template, and aside from that it’s really been one of my favorite mesh templates.

+ skin: {.essences.} xihe_light_freckles (@around the world)
+ lipstick: {essences.} xihe lipstick red
+ hair: [y] anya light blond (55L @ fi*friday)
+ necklace: lagyo_santa fe necklace bronze
+ top: .:villena:. patchwork shirt dot
+ clutch: beehive – studded clutch’s (purple)
+ bracelet: .olive. – the so kawaii bracelet (@around the world)
+ pants: ::bb:: boyfriend cords brown (no longer available)
+ shoes: [whatever] stripper boots – pink universe

+ skin: *l* saphhire cream – pure – cl
+ lipstick: izzie’s dailyn lipsick dark matt brown
+ hair: [e] interrupt – black 04
+ backpack: *tentacio* messenger bag (@happy bday censored)
+ hoodie: soothe. leopard hoodie (black)
+ dress: {happy pencil} shirt hem dress
+ tights: .:eclair:. aztec leggings {pastel tones}
+ shoes: -glam affair- seul ankle boots (@c88)

November 17, 2012


You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart.

And like you have probably already seen, I’ll be doing a Harry Potter-themed post today! Gryffindor is in my top two of favorite houses, accompanied by Hufflepuff at first place. I’m going to be doing a little series, each house at a time, and then I’ll be fusing all of the pictures together. The main reason I’m doing this is because I’m back and active at the roleplay sim Mischief Managed, and because I’m a total potterhead 8 ) I was looking around for outfits, and ugh… sometimes it can just be so frustrating to put a cute uniform together that follows the rules of the sim! So with that in mind, I was hoping to inspire those of you who roleplay at the sim or those who are thinking about joining!

The oxford shirts and ties of Schadenfreude have always been a very common part of the uniform in Mischief Managed (and former Hogwarts: Your Story). I think mainly because they are so well made, and plain beautiful. Also, for girls, the flats from have been a pair that I’ve seen around a lot. For men you can use every pair of jeans, pants, trousers (whatever you want to call them) as long as they are grey or black. Other than that I don’t have a lot to say about these outfits.

What I do want to say, for those who are current members of Mischief Managed, is that we have added a few rooms very recently. Marina has been working her butt off to provide us of a very beautiful (…or well, icky and nasty-looking) dungeon-location, a brand new hospital wing, and my abselute favorite: the library. If you haven’t seen them yet you should probably have a look!

+ skin: the body co. breeze (02ivory) brown
+ hair: *drot* kellin 2.0 dark chocolate
+ blouse: schadenfreude white oxford shirt (@ mischief managed)
+ tie: schadenfreude house tie (@ mischief managed)
+ vest: *boom* house of lion vest (@ mischief managed)
+ pants: [pumpkin] loose jeans
+ shoes: super kingdom – low tops black
+ broom: proximo 2012 – flying broom

+ skin: the body co. iris (01fair) brown
+ beauty marks: {emma} beautymarks and freckles
+ hair: truth – sara – fades
+ shirt: **dp**yumyum shirt 02
+ tie: schadenfreude hud controlled tie (@ mischief managed)
+ owl post: no longer available.
+ skirt: (tokid) le frills (black)
+ socks: no longer available.
+ flats: basic.flats (black)

November 16, 2012


Bahahha I look like a boy today :3 Or like a lesbian. But I don’t mind that. I’ve been doing good lately although I am still a bit busy. I’m going to stop taking clients to reduce the time I have to spend in photoshop, because believe me, I’m in photoshop at least two hours a day – if not 5-8 hours. I mean it’s a lot of fun and I like doing it all but… nah, I need a break from taking clients. It also adds up to it that I’ve been added to the roleplay department of Mischief Managed now. (apply here) I’ve been roleplaying at this sim (formerly Hogwarts: Your Story) for I think more than a year now, and I’m very glad that it’s my time to help out and do what I do best. I’ve missed roleplaying a lot – A LOT – and I’ve missed the wonderful world of Harry Potter :c I’m so glad to be back you don’t even have the slightest clue ;~;

Okay, enough about my life, more about the clothing. There’s news at Rumina! Now some might think “Erhhh… what the hell is that? O_o” because the store still pretty new. But the woman who makes the items (hair! yay!) is very talented and I foresee that, in the future, we can expect a lot of beautiful weaves from her.

Other than the hair I put my favorite items from fi*Friday in. But of course, there are a lot of other items out there that are very cute, but I didn’t have the space in this post to include them. So you should definitely have a look! *chronokit* has some news too. It’s been a store that I’ve adored for a long time, and with these new items I only adore the store more. The blouse and the baggy pants are from them, and …. *0* /me squeals.

+ skin: *leafy* sapphire – cream – pure
+ makeup: {d.a} ose black
+ hair: *dura-girl*41 (black)
+ collar: miwardrobe – leather collar
+ blouse: *chronokit* shirts04
+ bag: *tea time* triangle bag yellow
+ pants: .not so bad. joan jeans
+ shoes: [h] jeremy scott bones (55L @ fi*friday)

+ skin: -glam affair- amberly (coming soon!)
+ hair: .:rumina:. alicia hair black ombre 8
+ top: a u t r e s – fierce tank off shoulder (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – adrodite [t] I
+ pants: *chronokit* military sarrouel black
+ ring: miwardrobe – lust ring
+ clutch: ::ra:: myfanny clutch (55L @ fi*friday)
+ shoes: reek – ikat swell sneaks (50L)
hands: tsg. mesh hands

<3 okkbye

November 14, 2012


Essences came out with a wonderfull skin in different tones omg! I, personally, love the two darkest colors most because they are sooo perfectly chocolate brown and I adore that. Other than the tones they have included a TON of makeup options, brow options, and cleavage options! Aaaahh!


+ skin: {.essences.} maria
+ lash: redgrave – 16 – elemental
+ hair: *dura-girl*41 (black)
+ eyes: dead apples. couleur noisette

November 11, 2012


Hello thereeeee. I’ve got some awesome new items for ya! A lot of them are for fi*Friday, so head over there and get your weekly fix. There aaaare… well, two freebies? I don’t know until I begin writing the credits but yeah – a few freebies that I’ve collected throughout my period of freebieshopping. Let’s not type too much today, it’s late and I finished this post before I will go to bed. Class in the morning!

I want to say something about that cute bear up there though! It’s the ‘Friendship bear‘ who is all tranferable and copyable, and free to everyone. If you want to read more about the friendship bear and want to get it right away visit this page right here. The thing I like the most in this post must definitely be this cute hair from Dura. I hadn’t visited the store in quite a while, but when I did I was very glad that I had decided to pay them a visit. This hair is abselutely adorable and it inspired me to make a few ‘cute’ shapes with big eyes and pouty lips, so if you want to buy themmmm… keep a close eye on my flickr and blog. I’ll be selling them soon, when I have time to set it all up.

+ skin: *my uglydorothy – alexis base (burly)
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (grey w1)
+ hair: analog dog – rosemary 1b
+ headband: ::{u.f.o}:: party in ur badroom (store temporarily closed)
+ top: !(::::highrize::::)! colorful coogi sweater (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tights: {happy pencil} low waist leggings black
+ socks: [thistle do] dirty socks (no longer available)
+ shoes: ::[KBF] militaryboot =studdedblack= (55L @ fi*friday)
+ bear: “friendship bear(free)

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic
+ freckles: l.fauna serious freckles pale01
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (stormy blue w1)
+ hair: *dura-girl* 37 (strawberry)
+ top: id. oversized tank cross (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – koi skull colour
+ bag: *coco* gift pochette (free)
+ bracelet: miwardrobe – snake bangle – turqoise
+ hands: the sugar garden mesh hands
+ tights: welldone.atelier/ galaxy violet/ (55L @ fi*friday)
+ shoes: deco – thunder bolts (former arcade item. not available)

I got a really cute post planned next week, can’t wait to show you guys.
(I will blog two times before that one comes; that ones pretty big!)
Thanke uuuuuuuu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

November 7, 2012


Hey gurl hey :> What’s goen ooon? Looking for something to buy, I assume. Some of these items have blown my mind; some I have even blogged before because I love them so much – and my favorite skin of the past few weeks is in there. I haven’t blogged it yet, but with the announcement of it being out in a few weeks I am going to!

Of course I’m speaking about Glam Affair’s upcoming skin Amberly. I’ve had it for a few weeks now – due to reasons, you’ll probably get to know soon! – and honestly, I adore it like no other skin. It’s super sweet, and I am sure it will fit on a lot of shapes. I don’t know when exactly the skin is going to be out, but keep your eyes open, because it will be out soon. Also… I’m thinking about selling my shapes. I have a lot of them, all different, and I don’t know… ergh… it’s just a thought. But mostly when I have idea’s I can’t get them out of my head, so keep an eye open.

Other than that I’m in love with the ‘nerdy’ look once again. Posh, or… well, whatever you’d like to call it. The FIR & MNA shoes just fit perfectly with any look in that style. Together with these glasses from [UMEBOSHI] who are only 10L and come in two colors, it’s just adorable. But let’s not forget the lovely Pygmy Puff that Anya Ohmai had made last year. It’s a gatcha and if anyone were to look in my inventory… :| I will say no more. The fact that it’s a gatcha says enough.

LUSE has come with a new item! It’s a fairly new store and I have loved – every – single item David has brought out so far. I was very happy with this skirt, and as you can see, you’ll be able to pair it with whatever you want to pair it with. The new Truth hair is abselutely adorable! I don’t normally buy Truth hair (weird, I know) because I go there every single week when there is a new release, and I put the hair on, and I just usually think it’s too big for my head… :/ idk what it is, because I mostly LOVE the hairs, but hate how it looks on me. With this one it’s different, and I’ve worn it a lot the last couple of days!

+ skin: -glam affair- amberly (coming soon!)
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: truth – sara faded pack
+ antlers: o.m.e.n – antlers and butterflies darkness
+ necklace: .olive. one shot too many shotglass
+ cardigan: (tokid) summer cardigan soft (15L! check upstairs)
+ top: (tokid) spring shirt tan (15L! check upstairs)
+ skirt: luse – lola skirt gold
+ tights: izzie’s – tights small dots
+ heels: [whatever] high heel white

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic clean d
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ glasses: [umeboshi] castor glasses black (10L!)
+ hair: !lamb – soma – butterfinger
+ earrings: .olive. the one shot too many shotglass
+ animal: ohmai emporium: pygmy puff snow
+ pants: miwardrobe – wardrobe jeans turquoise
+ necklace: miwardrobe  mixed stone moon collar green
+ shoes: *fir & mna* the ashford brogue charcoal


November 4, 2012


Hellooo. Well aren’t you just looking fabulous today? Yes, you! lol, well that was it for my cheesy opening-line. (Yeah I just totally ruined it too.) I have loads and loads of new items for ya here. Most of them can be bought at fi*Friday, but I also have some items for The Dressing Room. Fi*Friday is, yes, only 55L per item, and the items at TDR are mostly around 70L, so this is going to be a cheap, cheap post!

I’m very glad to announce that I am officially one of fi*Friday’s bloggers, and that you, from now on, can also find my blog at the Style Academy. Lovely lovely Teshan (from SLexy Fashionista) had asked me to join their feed, and I didn’t have to think about that twice.

One of my favorite items in this blog is definitely the bag. The spikes on the handles gives it an edgy touch, one that I love. The necklace I’m wearing is from LaGyo and can be found at TDR, paired with a nice set of earrings who – of course – match perfectly. The skin on that very same outfit is from {.essences.} and can be found at TDR as well. And although the fact that my picture doesn’t really give the skin the full attention it deserves, you can already see that it’s a cute skin. Demo it! I mean hell, I would buy it without even demo’ing it because I love the skins from this store and… those 90L…? Come on, that’s more than worth it. The sweater in the second outfit is probably a mens item since it has no boobs. But it is hella cute and I will wear it. There are girls without boobs right!? And I think they’re fucking adorable.

skin: {.essences.} heidy dark brow (70L @ TDR!)
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
hair: lollipopz liana-olive (former hair fair gift so idk if still available)
necklace: lagyo_granny’s pearls necklace (70L @ TDR!)
+ top: ::dirtymind:: crocheted top (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ bustier: wonder1and mayan bustier 2 (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ bag: [h] simply tan mrs. w/pose w/spikes (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ pants: [h] black x-ray denim cuffed (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ shoes: [whatever] boots beige

+ skin: the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: burley – lola dbrown 04
+ hat: agrace – straw fedora purple (former hairfair gift so idk if still available)
+ necklace: .olive. deadliest of hallows
+ top: //g\\ rugby navajo shirt (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ shorts: [whatever] studded shorts black
+ tights: -attic- splashed stockings blue/black (55L @ fi*friday!)
+ shoes: [whatever] slip on – black (55L @ fi*friday!)

BTW girls, some of you think that fi*fri is only on friday, but it’s not!
You can still get the items :> xoxoxxox 

November 1, 2012


Hello my dearest readers. I am finally back after Flickr having cut me off for nearly a week. I know I could’ve blogged and could have posted it right here, but I think that, without flickr, I can’t promote it well just yet. But now I’m back; not as much as before. I will be posting 2/3 times a week now. Y’all can all agree on me that I was going a bit overboard with the posts, wasn’t I? I just got so many review items because honestly, some of you can’t imagine how much creators actually make! I feel bad when I don’t blog these items, and therefore, I always felt the need to over-post. But I’ll be doing that less now. I have a real life too and I need to spend more time making homework, and less time in Photoshop/a platform in SL. LOL, let’s get to the clothes shall we?

I couldn’t resist it, and bought yet another the body co. skin. Ivy this time, and I am in love with it. I would be lying if I said I think this skin is perfect. I don’t like the lips all that much and the brows are reallyyy a turn off for me. The reason I got it is because of the wonderful nose and eyes, and yeah well, I just like the look. This +amitomo+ skin has been laying in my inventory for ages. I originally bought it for one of my roleplay characters, but in the time I couldn’t get myself to make a nice shape to it. At the moment I do like the shape I made for it, but I don’t know if it is still in store. To be quite honest, I think the store is closed alltogether.

The first hair is from Analog Dog, a store we all know for big, sculpted and flexi hair. But with the coming of mesh that has changed. You should definitely have a look, because other than this hair, there are a lot more that are beautiful – in my opinion. The hair featured at the left was one from past fi*friday. It’s sculpted, cute, small, adorable, and I had to have it. The fact that it was only 55L was great for me, but envying for you because you won’t be able to buy it for 55L anymore. What you can do is join the fi*Friday group, to make sure you don’t miss another week, and don’t miss another awesome item like this one!

The cute dress I’m wearing paired with a white collar from nantes, is the nude/white colored dress from Eaters Coma. You might know the creator from former hairstore Sixty Nine. She still makes hair, and Sixty Nine is still open, but her new – and mesh – items are abselutely gorgeous. The other dress is from {essences} and only 90L at My Attic @ the Deck!

+ skin: the body co. ivy (02 ivory) black
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ beautymarks: {emma} beauty marks & freckles
+ hair: analog dog rosemary 1b
+ clutch: -glam affair- studded clutch in rouge
+ collar: .nantes creep collar – spectre (gold)
+ dress: eaters coma – cocktail dress white*beige
+ socks: pig – duotone socks mit suspenders – greygoose
+ shoes: – chandelle – shoe cice #02 black

+ skin: +amitomo+ haru skin (store closed…?)
+ eyes: mojo eyes brown with light
+ hair: [y] mochi – black
+ dress: {essences} nile dress c (90L @ my attic, the deck)
+ thights: -attic- leaves stockings
+ shoes: .:ec:. abl army boots

Ty girls. Glad to have me back? ^ ///// ^