#007 Hats and Minnie’s

Hey girls! Have been wanting to make a post with Rose even before I had a blog myself. She’s a dear friend of mine and has been away from SL for a few months (Was it weeks? It felt like years) because of a pesky little thing called rl. But she’s totally back now and you should check out her blog right here.

First up are these wonderful pants by Tram. I love this store and, when I was a new resident in Second Life, this had been one of the first stores a friend of mine had taken me to. I fell in love with the vibe of innocence that hung over the clothing and hair, and I am still in love with Tram. The hair was groupgift from MONS, veeeeeeeeeeery cute if you ask me, and came in two colors.  I’m not sure if it is available anymore, sorry guys :C

When I look at Rose’s hair I’m totally jealous that I hadn’t bought it first (yeah, total girl here) because I am in love with the cut as well as the color pink from Lamb. The top she is wearing is from the past Fifty Linden Friday (join the group, you can’t miss a single friday!) and I, of course, had to buy it as well. It’s so high quality that I can’t get over how it moves with my body oh so very freaking perfectly, and just have to stare at it all day.

tre blah {tan} indie: plain jane
eyes + dead apples – sinistre drowned blue
hair + !lamb – eraserhead – blush
hairbase + !lamb – male hairbase blond
hat + *agrace* straw fedora
eyebrowscheap makeup – parisan eyebrows

necklaceMG – necklace lovebug (collabor88 item)
earrings + MG earrings alletta (collabor88 item)
blousecolor.me.h.o.f – button down shirt
thights + beehive – minnie mouse thights
clutchbeehive – studded clutch (red&gold)
shoesingenue – ariane shoes (dove & noir)

skin + mother goose’s soomi-2 (cleavage)
eyes + mojo real eyes brown – with light
hair + mons hair – riri brown
eyeshadow + l.fauna – smokey cat  shadow (golden/brown)
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental

cardigan + milk motion – classic cardigan grey
top + ::pm:: fab top in cream
pants + tram tweed tuck pants green
shoes + elate! kate flats green

ty girls! okkbye <3


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