Hey girls! I’m not going to talk today because I’m too damn  busy and I don’t feel like it either. The only thing I really want to say is GOD FUCKING DAMNIT why isn’t there a pixel rehab for gatcha’s? People should ban me from every single gatcha machine on the grid because when I’m around one I can’t help but spend a lot of money. And with a lot of money I mean that I spent nearly the savings of two body co skins on gatcha’s yesterday :| No. They should cut me off completely lol! :> BUT, it was very well worth it because damn I love these items… ♥♥♥

+ skin: {essences} fallulah (only70L @TDR!)
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: ::exile:: all for love shadow (only95L @my attic, the deck!)
+ horns: blah. devilish horns/purple (50L gatcha!)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – foo dog colour
+ top: coldlogic. waid ebony
+ shorts: {happy pencil} high waisted shorts
+ boots: SLink tall leather thigh boots black
+ knife: blah. my butcher knife bloody red (50L gatcha!)
+ tail: blah. my devilish tail black (50L gatcha!)

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic – clean bl
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: .ploom. mila (95L @my attic, the deck!)
+ ears: o.m.e.n kitsune ears – white
+ pipe: o.m.e.n smoke pipe – black (50L gatcha)
+ sweater: {happy pencil} boat neck sweater cross
+ tail: o.m.e.n kitsune tail
+ shorts: *tea time* leather short pants yellow
+ wand: o.m.e.n rare wizard wand (50L gatcha)
+ shoes: reek – ikat swell sneaks (50L)


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