Hello my dearest readers. I am finally back after Flickr having cut me off for nearly a week. I know I could’ve blogged and could have posted it right here, but I think that, without flickr, I can’t promote it well just yet. But now I’m back; not as much as before. I will be posting 2/3 times a week now. Y’all can all agree on me that I was going a bit overboard with the posts, wasn’t I? I just got so many review items because honestly, some of you can’t imagine how much creators actually make! I feel bad when I don’t blog these items, and therefore, I always felt the need to over-post. But I’ll be doing that less now. I have a real life too and I need to spend more time making homework, and less time in Photoshop/a platform in SL. LOL, let’s get to the clothes shall we?

I couldn’t resist it, and bought yet another the body co. skin. Ivy this time, and I am in love with it. I would be lying if I said I think this skin is perfect. I don’t like the lips all that much and the brows are reallyyy a turn off for me. The reason I got it is because of the wonderful nose and eyes, and yeah well, I just like the look. This +amitomo+ skin has been laying in my inventory for ages. I originally bought it for one of my roleplay characters, but in the time I couldn’t get myself to make a nice shape to it. At the moment I do like the shape I made for it, but I don’t know if it is still in store. To be quite honest, I think the store is closed alltogether.

The first hair is from Analog Dog, a store we all know for big, sculpted and flexi hair. But with the coming of mesh that has changed. You should definitely have a look, because other than this hair, there are a lot more that are beautiful – in my opinion. The hair featured at the left was one from past fi*friday. It’s sculpted, cute, small, adorable, and I had to have it. The fact that it was only 55L was great for me, but envying for you because you won’t be able to buy it for 55L anymore. What you can do is join the fi*Friday group, to make sure you don’t miss another week, and don’t miss another awesome item like this one!

The cute dress I’m wearing paired with a white collar from nantes, is the nude/white colored dress from Eaters Coma. You might know the creator from former hairstore Sixty Nine. She still makes hair, and Sixty Nine is still open, but her new – and mesh – items are abselutely gorgeous. The other dress is from {essences} and only 90L at My Attic @ the Deck!

+ skin: the body co. ivy (02 ivory) black
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ beautymarks: {emma} beauty marks & freckles
+ hair: analog dog rosemary 1b
+ clutch: -glam affair- studded clutch in rouge
+ collar: .nantes creep collar – spectre (gold)
+ dress: eaters coma – cocktail dress white*beige
+ socks: pig – duotone socks mit suspenders – greygoose
+ shoes: – chandelle – shoe cice #02 black

+ skin: +amitomo+ haru skin (store closed…?)
+ eyes: mojo eyes brown with light
+ hair: [y] mochi – black
+ dress: {essences} nile dress c (90L @ my attic, the deck)
+ thights: -attic- leaves stockings
+ shoes: .:ec:. abl army boots

Ty girls. Glad to have me back? ^ ///// ^

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