TOMORROW IS BEES THROUGH THE SEASONS AND YOU BETTER BE EXCITED OR YOU ARE NOT COOL. Okay, that having said, in all caps because I’m like that, I am in love with soooooo much of these pieces. Everything at Bees Through The Seasons is about… woah, you already guessed? How smart of you! Yes. Bees. And now we can all be Queen beeesss! (Don’t tell Crystal because she thinks she’s the only Queen bee.) Anyway, I am in loooove with this cute hairbow from PIDIDDLE OOOOMG! Like awwww.. look at it. It’s adorbz don’t even try to deny it. Also, I got a new face on the left! I’ll be doing a full review of it… probably monday.

Look at those earrings up there, and now look back to me. Those earrings DO NOT look like that in world! They DO NOT. They are waaaaaay cuter. I don’t know what the hell happened to that picture because I had my preferences on high and everything, but the earrings just came out like that I noticed like halfway through editing it. It sucks, but I got a better picture for you right heeeere:

Okay, so, those are the earrings, who are meant to be worn with that cute (the left) ring. I’m also wearing another ring, this one from !Ohmai, which you can also buy at Bees Through The Seasons. Another cute and adorable thing you can buy there are these tights. They are from Clemmmm (I hope I added enough m’s? lol) and awwww… they is so cute. Anyway, Clemmm is also selling these cute eyes which you can’t see very well, but if you click on the picture above you will be able to see a bigger version of the picture and then you’ll be able to see how cute they are. They come with mesh pieces (the yellow dots in the eye) and those are recolorable, so you’ll have a lot of options with that. You can even stick them onto your other eyes, because hell, THEY ARE MESH! Dear God I’m using a lot of caps today… let’s stop with that mmmmmkay and lets just get to the credits cuz I’m weird.

+ skin: [iren] olga_powder
+ eyes: {d.a} forest green
+ hair: magika quote
+ head…thing: beehive – bees antenna (@BTTS!)
+ dog: sd – sammy bee (@BTTS!)
+ cardigan: u.one black cardigan (1L)
+ dress: ingenue :: tulp :: golden melody (@BTTS!)
+ tights: {happy pencil} cross tights
+ shoes: kookie – muggy (unavailable atm)
+ hands: [iren] olga_mesh hands powder

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic – clean d
+ eyes: clemmm – bee dot/dash eyes (@BTTS!)
+ hair: !lamb – soma kitkat
+ makeup: {d.a} ose black
+ hairbow: pididdle – bowtastic hairbow (@BTTS!)
+ earrings: .olive. the basic honeycomb earring (@BTTS!)
+ ring1: .olive. the basic honeycomb ring (@BTTS!)
+ ring2: !ohmai: antique bee ring (@BTTS!)
+ dress: w&b makybe knit dress black
+ tights: clemmm – sheerfully bee tights – yellow (@BTTS!)
+ shoes: [whatever] military boots black (@fi*friday)
+ bag: luse – tlauh bag

IMPORTANT: Bees Through The Seasons (BTTS) LM: here.


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