Heeey there. I don’t normally do a post, and the day after another – or did I post that other one the day before yesterday…? Hm, anyway, I wasn’t planning on making another post until I saw that I forgot some items from BTTS that I adore. Also, I bought loads and loads of stuff on black friday so I used a few of those – and more importantly, I have a new face from [ iren ], a store by Irischka Hotshot. (You have no idea how much difficulty I had spelling that name lol.) I was going to do a full review of this skin but halfway through putting the pictures of that one together I was like ‘okay… I can’t do this’ because I’m just so bad at them. I’d rather do something creative, something like this, and just blog it another thousand times because the skin is abselutely adorable! It comes with it’s own mesh hands and a HUD for them, which is really cool if you ask me.

+ skin: -glam affair- with freckles from cosmetics pack
+ hair: magika – quote – pack 03
+ flower: noodles – collect some honey hairclip (@BTTS)
+ hoodie: [aux] bunny hoodie – black
+ plushie: ~silentsparrow~ uni-ee mesh unicorn

+ skin: [ iren ] olga_pale
+ eyes: {d.a} forest green
+ hair: >truth< jade – espresso
+ bracelet1: lagyo – beehive bracelet (@BTTS)
+ bracelet2: .o. tiny dewey bee bracelet (@BTTS)
+ sweater: *boom* cashmere sweater (gray)

+ skin: -glam affair- honey bee (@BTTS)
+ eyes: {d.a} gravey gray
+ hair: -laviere- darya soft caramel
+ jacket: *boom* [v] buttoned cape black


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