Bahahha I look like a boy today :3 Or like a lesbian. But I don’t mind that. I’ve been doing good lately although I am still a bit busy. I’m going to stop taking clients to reduce the time I have to spend in photoshop, because believe me, I’m in photoshop at least two hours a day – if not 5-8 hours. I mean it’s a lot of fun and I like doing it all but… nah, I need a break from taking clients. It also adds up to it that I’ve been added to the roleplay department of Mischief Managed now. (apply here) I’ve been roleplaying at this sim (formerly Hogwarts: Your Story) for I think more than a year now, and I’m very glad that it’s my time to help out and do what I do best. I’ve missed roleplaying a lot – A LOT – and I’ve missed the wonderful world of Harry Potter :c I’m so glad to be back you don’t even have the slightest clue ;~;

Okay, enough about my life, more about the clothing. There’s news at Rumina! Now some might think “Erhhh… what the hell is that? O_o” because the store still pretty new. But the woman who makes the items (hair! yay!) is very talented and I foresee that, in the future, we can expect a lot of beautiful weaves from her.

Other than the hair I put my favorite items from fi*Friday in. But of course, there are a lot of other items out there that are very cute, but I didn’t have the space in this post to include them. So you should definitely have a look! *chronokit* has some news too. It’s been a store that I’ve adored for a long time, and with these new items I only adore the store more. The blouse and the baggy pants are from them, and …. *0* /me squeals.

+ skin: *leafy* sapphire – cream – pure
+ makeup: {d.a} ose black
+ hair: *dura-girl*41 (black)
+ collar: miwardrobe – leather collar
+ blouse: *chronokit* shirts04
+ bag: *tea time* triangle bag yellow
+ pants: .not so bad. joan jeans
+ shoes: [h] jeremy scott bones (55L @ fi*friday)

+ skin: -glam affair- amberly (coming soon!)
+ hair: .:rumina:. alicia hair black ombre 8
+ top: a u t r e s – fierce tank off shoulder (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – adrodite [t] I
+ pants: *chronokit* military sarrouel black
+ ring: miwardrobe – lust ring
+ clutch: ::ra:: myfanny clutch (55L @ fi*friday)
+ shoes: reek – ikat swell sneaks (50L)
hands: tsg. mesh hands

<3 okkbye

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