Hey gurl hey :> What’s goen ooon? Looking for something to buy, I assume. Some of these items have blown my mind; some I have even blogged before because I love them so much – and my favorite skin of the past few weeks is in there. I haven’t blogged it yet, but with the announcement of it being out in a few weeks I am going to!

Of course I’m speaking about Glam Affair’s upcoming skin Amberly. I’ve had it for a few weeks now – due to reasons, you’ll probably get to know soon! – and honestly, I adore it like no other skin. It’s super sweet, and I am sure it will fit on a lot of shapes. I don’t know when exactly the skin is going to be out, but keep your eyes open, because it will be out soon. Also… I’m thinking about selling my shapes. I have a lot of them, all different, and I don’t know… ergh… it’s just a thought. But mostly when I have idea’s I can’t get them out of my head, so keep an eye open.

Other than that I’m in love with the ‘nerdy’ look once again. Posh, or… well, whatever you’d like to call it. The FIR & MNA shoes just fit perfectly with any look in that style. Together with these glasses from [UMEBOSHI] who are only 10L and come in two colors, it’s just adorable. But let’s not forget the lovely Pygmy Puff that Anya Ohmai had made last year. It’s a gatcha and if anyone were to look in my inventory… :| I will say no more. The fact that it’s a gatcha says enough.

LUSE has come with a new item! It’s a fairly new store and I have loved – every – single item David has brought out so far. I was very happy with this skirt, and as you can see, you’ll be able to pair it with whatever you want to pair it with. The new Truth hair is abselutely adorable! I don’t normally buy Truth hair (weird, I know) because I go there every single week when there is a new release, and I put the hair on, and I just usually think it’s too big for my head… :/ idk what it is, because I mostly LOVE the hairs, but hate how it looks on me. With this one it’s different, and I’ve worn it a lot the last couple of days!

+ skin: -glam affair- amberly (coming soon!)
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ hair: truth – sara faded pack
+ antlers: o.m.e.n – antlers and butterflies darkness
+ necklace: .olive. one shot too many shotglass
+ cardigan: (tokid) summer cardigan soft (15L! check upstairs)
+ top: (tokid) spring shirt tan (15L! check upstairs)
+ skirt: luse – lola skirt gold
+ tights: izzie’s – tights small dots
+ heels: [whatever] high heel white

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic clean d
+ eyes: dead apples. sombre blue
+ glasses: [umeboshi] castor glasses black (10L!)
+ hair: !lamb – soma – butterfinger
+ earrings: .olive. the one shot too many shotglass
+ animal: ohmai emporium: pygmy puff snow
+ pants: miwardrobe – wardrobe jeans turquoise
+ necklace: miwardrobe  mixed stone moon collar green
+ shoes: *fir & mna* the ashford brogue charcoal


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