Hello thereeeee. I’ve got some awesome new items for ya! A lot of them are for fi*Friday, so head over there and get your weekly fix. There aaaare… well, two freebies? I don’t know until I begin writing the credits but yeah – a few freebies that I’ve collected throughout my period of freebieshopping. Let’s not type too much today, it’s late and I finished this post before I will go to bed. Class in the morning!

I want to say something about that cute bear up there though! It’s the ‘Friendship bear‘ who is all tranferable and copyable, and free to everyone. If you want to read more about the friendship bear and want to get it right away visit this page right here. The thing I like the most in this post must definitely be this cute hair from Dura. I hadn’t visited the store in quite a while, but when I did I was very glad that I had decided to pay them a visit. This hair is abselutely adorable and it inspired me to make a few ‘cute’ shapes with big eyes and pouty lips, so if you want to buy themmmm… keep a close eye on my flickr and blog. I’ll be selling them soon, when I have time to set it all up.

+ skin: *my uglydorothy – alexis base (burly)
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (grey w1)
+ hair: analog dog – rosemary 1b
+ headband: ::{u.f.o}:: party in ur badroom (store temporarily closed)
+ top: !(::::highrize::::)! colorful coogi sweater (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tights: {happy pencil} low waist leggings black
+ socks: [thistle do] dirty socks (no longer available)
+ shoes: ::[KBF] militaryboot =studdedblack= (55L @ fi*friday)
+ bear: “friendship bear(free)

+ skin: -glam affair- roza basic – artic
+ freckles: l.fauna serious freckles pale01
+ eyes: mayfly – deep sky eyes (stormy blue w1)
+ hair: *dura-girl* 37 (strawberry)
+ top: id. oversized tank cross (55L @ fi*friday)
+ tattoo’s: vestigium – koi skull colour
+ bag: *coco* gift pochette (free)
+ bracelet: miwardrobe – snake bangle – turqoise
+ hands: the sugar garden mesh hands
+ tights: welldone.atelier/ galaxy violet/ (55L @ fi*friday)
+ shoes: deco – thunder bolts (former arcade item. not available)

I got a really cute post planned next week, can’t wait to show you guys.
(I will blog two times before that one comes; that ones pretty big!)
Thanke uuuuuuuu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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