#002 The Arcade

Helloooo. How ‘soon’ can be very soon, right? I just couldn’t help but make a post again due to the event going on: The Arcade. It’s a gacha event with events planned in September, December, March, and June. The first event began on the 15th of June, and shows gacha machines with little things made from over 65 top designers over Second Life. And of course, above all, cheap things! :’D That’s what we all love, don’t we?

I played a huge amount of gacha’s and merely a few of them are in this post, but only so many pieces fit together. One of the favorite pieces that I got at the Arcade were these rainboots from “NX-Narcotix”, they came in a few colours and I played the gacha two times to get two different colours. I love them and I am planning on wearing them a lot!
The second thing that I love here has to be the eggplant colored blouse from “ISON”, with sheer sleeves and such. I own quite a few things from this store, so when I saw this vending machine in the distance I knew immediately that it was them. I just needed the pose with the pumpkin from “Adorkable poses”, which also gave me the inspiration to do an Arcade and Fall themed post.

skin + the body co. petal (01 fair) black
lashes + redgrave elemental 16
eyes + mojo – real eyes brown (creator unknown¿)
hair + (chemistry) hair – lyric – caramel

blouse + ison. sheer baby blouse eggplant (the arcade item!)
shorts + erratic / jessy – studded shorts brown
shoes + nx narcotix rainboot orange & popcorn (the arcade item!)
ring + shapeup! vintage ring [02] (the arcade item!)
watch + *katat0nik* (black bunny) (the arcade item!)


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