#001 First one!

Helloooooo you! Thank you for being here and sneaking a peek of my very first post. :] If you click on my name above you’ll get a little amount of information about me, but you must know that this blog is still under construction. The way in which I make my pictures is under construction, the style of clothing, everything from A till Z. But that doesn’t mean I can’t provide you guys with a cute set of wonderfull clothing, aye? :’D Let’s get to that!

For my first post I’ve chosen to mainly show off these beautiful necklaces from the store “.Olive.” owned by a dear friend of mine, Naminaeko Resident. They are Harry Potter themed and anyone who has seen the last two movies – might – recognize them. You can fully customize them to your liking for they have a lot of options: The metal can be changed to gold, silver, and black – and the stones can be changed in a lot of colors as well. They come in a Hogwarts -, metal-, vained stones- and crystal cut pack. So they are for everyone, wether you’re a Potter-fan or not!

Of course I’ve been to Collabor88 of this month, yay! The cardigan from “Milk Motion” was an instant buy and I love it to death. Also the hair, from “D!va” was something I didn’t have to think about for long. I love hairs with a lot of loose strings of hair, and this one definitely has a lot. The headband also comes with jewels, which you can switch off – but you can also go around without the head band at all. Apart from that it can be recolored, so you’ll have a lot of options there!

The “not so bad” pants are definitely my favorite pants at the moment. I love mesh pants in general but these are just so nicely made and textured that I couldn’t help but spend my money on them. When I first saw they had new pants I ran to the store and got myself a pair; it seems like I haven’t put on anything other since that day.


skin + the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
tattoo lashes + l.fauna lashes
beauty marks + {emma} beauty marks & freckles
hair + d!va “manon” brown diamond (collabor88 item!)
eyes + mayfly deep sky eyes (stormy blue)

necklace + .olive. – deadliest of hallows
cardigan + milk motion – classic cardigan grey (collabor88 item!)
top + (tokid) spring shirt rose (former anniversary item. only 15L now!)
pants + not so bad . joan pants . faded
shoes + [whatever] mesh flats – rose

Thank you for reading my first post and I hope to come with more soon!
Keep an eye on the blog, and follow my flickrpage if you like.

<3 okkbye

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