#005 Rainy days in autumn

Glad to see you’ve tuned in (again)! Today I’m going to be blogging a loaaad of very, very cute stuff that you can go wear this autumn. Tea Time came with coats in four colours, all of them veeeery pretty. Style them with a cute pair of still summery earrings, some cheap panty-hoses, some cute shoes, and you’ve got an outfit. Oops, of course, you should wear your favorite hair with it. For this look I chose the short hair from Tram, an item that was featured at 50L friday last week but is, of course, still in store. The main reason I’ve chosen for this hair was to show off these beautifull earrings from Elate, who still give a summery feeling to the autumn weather!

As you will be able to see down here, I’ve added a little feature to my pictures. The ‘details’ section, with little pictures of the details and other things that may be useful to see as well. I don’t know if I will be doing this with every picture considering that it probably won’t be needed with every single one of them, but at least, now you can expect them from me!

What you can also expect from me in the upcoming weeks, is that you will see whole other sides of me. I won’t be sticking to a certain fashion trend, or a certain style. I would like to be considered as a creative blogger with a lot of crazy, fun, simple and dark looks – and of course all the other around and in between! I’m going to try to do some fantasy-themed posts as well, because I love it, but don’t worry, I won’t stop with what I normally do. I love /a lot/ of styles, and I want to be able to blog every single one of them. <3

skin + the body co. iris (01fair) brown
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeshadow + [h+l] pinklemon liner (store closed)
eyes + dead apples. sinistre – sombre blue
hair + tram – b921 hair (beige)

coat + *tea time* autumn long jacket red/azure
thights + (attitudes) lace pantyhoses
earrings + elate! julie earring silver
shoes + fir & mna – the ashford brogues charcoal

umbrella & pose + chisa creation – umbrella

tyvm sweeties <3 okkbye


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