#003 Earl’s sweetest candybar

Heeey everyone! I began with this post, of course, putting a look together. I wanted to put one together that displayed the other fashion side of me; the more dark one… but in the end I ended up making another ‘cute’ post. I found these handpuppets in my inventory and found this pose in which it looks like she’s nomming on the (also very cute litte thing) golden candy bar (Harry Potter themed).

If some didn’t know yet they will come to know now: I roleplay, and have roleplayed for a while now, in the roleplay sim Mischief Managed. I have loads and loads of Harry Potter themed clothing and as a Potterhead I will probably tint a lot of my posts with Harry Potter. Sorry, geek here! Anyway, the hand-puppets are made by Anya Ohmai, and the candybar by Chandni Khondji. For as far as I know the handpuppets unfortunately aren’t for sale, and the candy-bar is only for sale in the roleplay sim – as mentioned before – Mischief Managed. Sorry guys! The other Harry Potter themed thing in the post is the necklace that I blogged before, made by Naminaeko Resident.

Enough about Harry Potter, right!? The shoes and garter-socks are oddly placed in this post, yes, I know. I must say that it looked cuter inworld. But I just have to state that I abselutely adore these garter-socks. They aren’t visible very well, but I love them to death. I wear them all the time. Leeeeeeeeeeet’s just go to the credits, no one wants to read this load of bull!

skin + my ugly dorothy – alexis (burly)
eyes + mayfly – deep sky eyes green
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
hair + [e] soft rich browns

candybar + earl’s sweetest candybar (?)
hand puppets + ohmai (not for sale?)
necklace + .olive. deadliest of hallows (hogwarts pack)
headband + u.f.o party in your bathroom

sweater + (to one lounge) onpi swet gray
garter socks + t.whore punk stockings dots
shoes + severed garden dana boots

Ty girls, see you soon <3 okkbye


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