#004 Black unicorns

Heeeeeeeey lovelies! Here I am with a more… mature look :’D I’ve been wanting to make one well… ever since my very first post (which isn’t very long ago lol) and finally I… somewhat… accomplished. I went for a more dark look this time, other than the ‘cute’ ones I’ve already done. Though when I saw this unicorn in my inventory… well, I just couldn’t resist to add it along with the rest.

I am ab-se-lute-ly in /love/ with the lipstick and eyes I am wearing in this pic. The eyes come in maaaany different colours and are mesh, and only 85L omgomgomgomg I was so happy when my friend brought me to this store. Let’s say I’ve bought more than a pair of eyes there… The lipstick is from the same store as well, and it came with prim teeth; so for prim teeth fans, yay! I don’t like them myself, mostly because they don’t fit with my shapes, though when I see them on others sometimes I’m very tempted to put some on myself… But alas, I stuck with the lipstick and ugh… so gorg.

As for the other clothing… I have to say something about this mesh blouse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ison – god, so much excitement in this post – and I’ve probably already blogged them a few times… and God, when I saw this blouse I nearly died. I was happy it was only 50L at Fifty Linden Friday last friday, but I would’ve gladly payed more!

Let’s get to theeeeeeeee credits!

skin + the body co. iris (01 fair) brown
eyes + dead apples – murdered brown
eyeshadow + l.fauna – simple smokey
lashes + redgrave – 16 – elemental
lipstick + dead apples – {d.a} matte black
hair + [ink] natum white (hair fair 2012 gift)

blouse + ison. cut out square shirt gray
skirt + tokid – mini miji black
shoes + gfield – strap shoes alex

unicorn plush + silentsparrow – uni-ee (caramel) plush

<3 okkbye


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