#006 Swagfest

Hello baby’s. Today was busy busy busy for me and I think it’s going to be more busy. Promised people to do things for them in both RL and SL, and I always do my best to keep to my promises. Got to do everything today, before class starts tomorrow, so I’ll make this a short but fabulous post, k!?

Okay! Well, as the title says, this post is all about Swagfest 2012. A loooad of designers have made items just and solely for this event, and I am the fortunate one who can show you a few of those in this sneak peek. But you don’t have to be impatient, because Swagfest is already starting tomorrow on October 1st, and then you will be able to buy these fantastic clothes. If you want to read more about Swagfest or if you want to check out the list of designers, go to: http://theswagfest.blogspot.ca/

So loves! We’re going to start off with this shark long top, which reminds me somewhat of what basketball-players wear. I love love it, and if you don’t want to wear it like I am doing on the pic, you could wear it as a dress as well! I put a bra underneath it but if you’re a bad girl you could wear it without, hahaha! The top is from Whatever and comes in a loaaad of other colors, but I’ll keep those a secret for you so you can see them at the fair tomorrow.

The pants! Aaaah, yes they are cute right? You will be able to find the pants at the fair tomorrow, and from the same store, Tenacio, are the shoes. When I saw them at first I couldn’t stop looking at them because of the eye on detail; I just love them.

The other items are not from the fair, but if you take a little look at the list of designers on Swagfests’ website… you… will want to get your wallet, because I’ll garantuee you’ll be poor like I am going to be.


skin + mother goose’s soomi-2
hair + ::exile:: catwalk – swiss
lash + redgrave – 16 – elemental
eyeshadow + l.fauna smokey cat golden/brown
eyes + mojo – real eyes brown with light

bra + paper.doll t-shirt undies (cherry)
shirt + whatever – longtop shark (not out until tomorrow @ swagfest!)
pants + *tenacio* dorian pants grey (not out until tomorrow @ swagfest!)
shoes + *tenacio* nabuki sneakers sugar skull edition
bag + *tea time* black music bag

Ty girls and have a lot of fun at Swagfest ok? <3 okkbye

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