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October 16, 2013


Cosmetic Fair: Birdy & Dead Apples

#153unedited image here



  • Skin: .Birdy. Rose Skin ~Porcelaine~ Angelic (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Blush: {Dead Apples} Shimmery Cheeks – Rose (Light) (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Eyebrows: {Dead Apples} Innocence Eyebrows – Red (Cosmetic Fair)
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Blush
  • Hair: MINA Hair – Tabita + color HUD
  • Top: (= potcha. loose-fit Knit 04 S (The Chapter Four)
August 31, 2013


The Arcade! Yup, it starts very very soon. On September 1st. This round is awesome as always, although I do really miss some of the stores that have previously participated. I look forward to doing more shopping, more pics, and for you guys: perv the official Arcade Shopping Guide to see which machines you want to attack! PS: The Secret Store machine IS EVILLLLLLLLL. Evil. Really, really evil.


  • Skin: [PF] <Porcelain> – Harley – Button Nose
  • Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Giz” (TypeA)(Cat’s eye) (The Arcade!)
  • Top: .: vive nine :. Baby Rib Cropped T – Creme (mainstore temporarily closed)
  • Casette: The Secret Store – My first Casette Player – Peach (The Arcade!)
  • Cat: Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Sunny (The Arcade!)
  • Pants: !Admiral Spicy! Skinny Low Jeans (XS) Darkblue
  • Shoes: [whatever] Slipper – yellow [WHITE] (SL Fashion Week)
  • Pose: .Label Motion. for The Dressing Room
May 4, 2013


[OKKBYE] shapes and my 100th blogpost!


Hiya guuuuuuys! My 100th post! ehfwjefkjdsfhjkdfhsjkdfhs. I didn’t plan this out at all, but I just felt like doing it today, and I had promised a lot of you that I was going to bring out a line of shapes this week. I’ve been getting a lot of IM’s about my shape(s), especially about the shape I was wearing with the Essences “Taurus” skin. I wanted to make some more shapes for a long time now, but it just never really happened. I’ve deleted every other item from my marketplace store (like my face doodles and eyes) and replaced them by shapes only. You can still, of course, buy all my things – like my eyes, tights and even those face doodles – in my inworld store, but I thought this would be a lot easier for those who just want to browse my shapes. Eventually I want to make a different location of my store inworld, a body shop with my freckles, moles and shapes there – but for now I’m keeping it as it is! Soooo, scroll down and click on the links I’m giving after each picture or go straight to my marketplace store and browse ’em there. The only difference is that the pictures are more high quality (and bigger) here, and on the marketplace they are kinda blurry. LOL! OH-! And there are DEMO’s available! Okay, anyway, HUNDRETH POST YAAAY! BYE. OKBYE.

SHAPES! Maddie
[okkbye] MADDIE SHAPE.

SHAPES! Tiffany

SHAPES! Suzannah


SHAPES! Aliyah

February 23, 2013


I was here, I lived, I loved, I was here
I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted
and it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here


Hi thereee, you! I got another post for yall today. I could barely even calm myself to do this, though. I am SO excited for the Arcade, which is just in a few days – squeal! I’m going to spend so much money and I’m gonna love all the items I bought and I will have no regrets at all thank you thank you very much, yes. Okay, let’s get to these clothes now shall we, before I wet myself in excitement. Yessss, so, this [monso]… thing? What is it actually? They themselves, Monso, calls it a muffler. It’s kind of a scarf… sweater-ish… thing. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s an amazing thing. It looks so warm, and it’s so cute! The back is amazing, and I just love ’em. I just made a casual outfit, one you’d wear out jogging in spring or one to just stay at home with (if you don’t include the earmuffs… um, those are a bit random, but I liked them! They gave my post a bit pinkish hints) Anyway, you must demo this pretty little rigged mesh scarf-sweater-mufffler thing – because I find it adorable, and a must-have!


  • Skin: *Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Black Brows
  • Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Blue
  • Eyemakeup: [okkbye] unreleased.
  • Hair: !lamb. Soma – Snickers (edited)
  • Earmuffs: [Pumpkin] Ear Protectors (Pink)
  • Necklace: .Olive. the FOX Head (SL Fashion Week)
  • Sweater: *RibboN* over size knit white
  • Muffler: [monso] My Warmer Muffler – Grey
  • Shorts: *BOOM* Vintage Runners (TDR)
  • Socks: [Thistle Do] No longer available.
  • Shoes: Balkanik – Spectra Cream-Blk2.0Gang