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July 17, 2013


Doing a quick little post before I try and continue with my Hair Fair posts. In this post, however, I’m sporting some Hair Fair hair as well. And some nice little glasses that you have one last chance to get at a discounted price @ SL Fashion Week. Til tomorrow, when it closes. Anyway the TLC event is up again as well, and Peqe has a very cute top out there! U.F.O has a new shoe-gatcha and it’s so cute! :3 I love these little tennis shoes. Also, these earrings from O.M.E.N <3333


  • Hair: (fd) Jupiter Ponytail – Light Ombre 4 (Hair Fair)
  • Glasses: * S O R G O – ClubMaster Diams/B (SL Fashion Week)
  • Earrings: O.M.E.N – Boutique – Safari – Tribal Earrings (TLC)
  • Top: Peqe – Silk Tank – White (TLC)
  • Bag: ::{u.f.o}::catty three concept bag – coral – shoulder
  • Pants: {SMS} Denim Jeans Light Blue
  • Shoes: ::{u.f.o}::monmon tennis shoes – rare (gatcha)
July 14, 2013


Hair Fair: See no evil, head no evil, speak no evil

July 13, 2013


Hair Fair: Black Magic#125

I’m going to be doing a series of pictures for Hair Fair, all themed. I don’t really need to be giving any credits because the picture itself says from which stores they are, and they are all available at Hair Fair! This one is themed “Black Magic”, and I have two or three ideas for what I’m going to do after this, but I don’t really have a lot of theme-ideas, but I DO have a lot of hairs! So please, if you know any “themes” for me to make a picture for Hair Fair with, please do tell me. And don’t give up on trying to get into the sim! You’ll get in, eventually! <3

June 17, 2013



Today I went to the Alice Project sale. A lot of hairs are 50% off, which makes them about L$175 each. Now some of you might not have shopped at the Alice Project before, and may need some help with the HUD’s and everything. I’m saying this because I very much remember the first time I went shopping there, and I was very, very confused. Now you can of course buy one of the L$500 HUD’s with various pretty haircolours (which work with every hair) but you will already get a mini HUD with each hair you buy. So just go there, click on the hairs, DEMO and buy! Villena released some very cute suspender shorts-things just today and they are SO cute! You can wear it with or without the croptop that comes with it, and if you wear it with it you can change the colour and pattern on them! An example of the HUD  you get with it you can find right here. Also… aren’t you curious where that first hair is from!? I sure am!



  • Hair: *Alice Project* Steph [S] – Infinity (SALE!)
  • Glasses: .:villena:. – Double frame round glasses [comes with HUD]
  • Suspender shorts: .:villena:. – dungaerees w/ [XS] VintageFlower
  • Bracelets: [okkbye] Wood Bracelet – Rastafaray (SL Fashion Week)
  • Bracelets: Noodles – Button Cord Bracelet & Vinyl Wristband (Summerfest)
  • Watch: [7891.]– Uptown – Rolex Watch – Gold
  • Knee tattoo: -SU!- Bloody Knees 01 [search on the marketplace]
  • Shoes: [Apparel] Creepers – Phantom

Bandana Day Kit Poster

ALSO this! We all know that Hair Fair 2013 is slowly nearing, and we all know that this fair is especially organized for the charity Wigs For Kids. Bandana day is a part of this! This year they have their very own mesh bandana which comes with a UV map so it can easily be textured – and you can make yourself one! Just contact Sasy Scarborough, as it says on the picture above, and at the end you’ll send them back to CharitySasy String. Read more about this @ Hair Fair’s blog and their post about bandana day.

March 27, 2013



Hai guys! Another post, and another pair of pants from Spirit Store. I featured their Minoko? (I forgot how they are called and too lazy to look it up) in my last post, and in this post I’m sporting their Niora pants. I love these as well, for the same reasons; the wrinkles, a little baggy, and low on the waist! I’ve also had this hair from Lamb ever since it came out, but I found it back in my inventory a few days ago and was like “Um, did I ever even wear this for one second?” so I re-fell in love with it. The horns are from Violent Seduction and as some might know, I adore that store! The headband is part of it, and it has super cute Sakura flowers on it, which are perfect for spring. The weather here is pretty nice, don’t see why everyone’s complaining!