I went over to Fantasy (gatcha?) Faire and I was so excited to be there! I didn’t think it would be /full/ of gatcha machines, like literally everything was a gatcha which I didn’t expect, but it was fun. It hurt my pocket a bit, though. Anyway one of the first things I saw upon arriving was this reptile-like tail thing! It is rigged, however it doesn’t move like I thought it would. It’s kinda cool for pictures and stuff, and I’m wearing it inworld rn too, but it doesn’t move great. Currently dancing next to my friend inworld, laughing our asses off at how hilarious it looks. I really love it though, no regrets! The headpiece is really cute too, it did take a little long to get a rare, but I’m just in love with it <3 I’m going to wear it for-ev-er. THE NEW BODY CO SKIN THO. I love it so muuuuuuch. There’s a new hairstore on the grid too, and I love this hairstyle! It’s a little big, but I like it a lot. BTW! Just to dismiss any confusion, the eyebrows are photoshopped! They were brown! And have fun at the Fantasy Faire guys ^-^




2 Comments to “#148”

  1. Perhaps the skin’s creator will be inspired to do alt brows for their skins upon seeing this photo. One can hope, right? :)

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