My SL Pet Peeves Meme


I’m doing another Strawberry Singh meme. This time the SL pet peeves meme, since we all have our little things about SL that we can’t stand, right? I’ll just start right away, have fun reading and I hope I won’t sound too grumpy – and feel free to participate!

  1. People wearing 398428034 scripts at events: I read about this one at someone else’s Pet Peeves meme, and I cannot agree more. Scripts are annoying little things. My own script limit is mostly around a hundred, mostly because I don’t see how people can wear about 500 scripts on them? How is that even possible? Yet, alot of people seem to accomplish when it comes to this. Nobody is camming on you! Nobody at all! We are trying to buy shit, girl. So STOP, for the love of Jesus.
  2. Arms that are too short: Yes. Sorry, I have to complain about this one. Please stand up in RL, and allow ur arms to hang next to your body. Check where your hands are touching your thighs. THAT is where your avatar’s hands should end as well. It’s gross and disturbing to see how some people’s arms are way too short, and I’m sorry, but check yoself.
  3. Profiles that say things that try to insult people indirectly: I see this alot with roleplayers. ‘Some people’s hips are so wide you could fit a horse inbetween’, ‘Characters who are shy annoy me’, ‘My characters judge your uglyass just as I do’ etc etc. I get that you are trying to make your roleplay as realistic as possible, and I might even agree with you, but I won’t roleplay nor even talk to you when you have these ridiculous standards. You’re not wrong, you’re just a dick.
  4. Babyfaces with slutclothes and -bodies: Let me just elaborate on this one a bit. I don’t care that you are trying to be miss Suckcock with sperm all over yourself and have your nips out your already short shirt. You can have your gigantic breasticles and short skirts, but please, don’t  try to be “kawaii” at the same time. This is some kind of Japanese fad, and it grosses me out. When you have the face of an eight year old you shouldn’t be half naked – it’s disturbing.
  5. Blogs with music on them: Um, yeah. I might like your music, it might even be my favourite song ever – but no. Please don’t. Most likely, when I click on the link to your blog, I’m already listening to music. And if not, my speakers will probably be on their maximum volume. I don’t care how good this music is when it has just given me a fucking heartattack.

That was it! I really really hope I didn’t come over as too much of a grumpy person – these things just make me cringe and … whatnot!? Everybody has ’em, and since I’m normally tryna be positive about everything I thought this one was needed. Check yoself bitches! <3 Muah!



  • Skin: .tsg. Hope :: E tone :: Bust :: Brown
  • Hair: [BURLEY]_Paprika_Red01 (group gift!)
  • Hat: Nacon’s Fury Bear Scarf [Wolf] (1.2) wide
  • Top: ILLMATIC :: Basic Cotton Crop – (Avenue)
  • Pants: [ BarmaleY ] Sport_woman_mud_S
  • Shoes: [Z3] Retro 1s White

2 Comments to “#80”

  1. Thank you for mentioning the music on the blog thing, especially when it starts automatically and totally freaks me out. I cannot stay on a blog if there’s music, I just hit the x button right away. Also, you look totally adorable! <3

  2. I agree with all of these – I was going to mention the blogs with music and the short arms too. It drives me CRAZY!!

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