Hai guyyys! There’s some amazing news: the Body Co has finally released a new skin. It’s been a long wait, literally a year, and I don’t know if I can say that it was worth it. Of course, this isn’t going to be the only skin they are releasing (March 20th new skins will release, if they don’t postpone it like they’ve done so many times now) and I’m looking forward to that one. But I’m not being entirely negative here, no, I actually really like the skin. I had to make a new shape for it, however, so it would fit my desires, but I like it. It very much looks like a mix between summer and ivy though. Softened eyebrows from Ivy, a smaller nose from summer, lips of Ivy or/and Summer? Let’s just hope the next ones are more innovative. Anyway, above there are more than just one the Body Co skin! All the others are for Skin Fair, again, and I… must say that Pink Fuel is my favorite here. I love the lips on it, and the clean version has beautiful eyelids (I mean, look at ’em all, I think Pink Fuel’s lids are the best of the bunch). And since eyelids are a big thing for me, ánd I love the lips as well, that ones my favorite. I love the new Zara skin from Glam Affair as well, although I think it’ll be very hard for them to make a skin that is even prettier than Amberly was. On the FAKE skin it irritated me that there wasn’t a clean version (I love eyelids, I love, love eyelids) but I do love the lips. Now, Fresh Fx, also known as a project within House of London. (Pink Outfitters, Cherry) I enjoy this skin alot! Although it makes my eyes look rather small. I love the lips, though, and the skin tones are amazing as well. I specifically chose to wear this one because it looked warm, and has a healthy tint. Love that skin!




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