Not really sure how to feel about it
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can’t live without you
It takes me all the way… I want you so stay


Haiiiiiiiiiiiiii. What’s up. I don’t really think that I have a lot to say today, but I’ll try. Aside from The Arcade, there’s another gatcha event. It’s really cute, you should pay it a visit! It’s called Luck of the Irish, and I got the cute little green ball of boing there. It’s so adorable! So if you want to check something other than the event, and you’re in the never ending gatcha spirit like me, this event is something for you. Also, Tram, a store that I adore more than any other (yeah, I think that’s the honest truth since it’s one of the first stores I knew in SL) came out with a cute little, super posh cardigan that you can drape over your pixel shoulders. It comes in a lot of sizes, is rigged, and you can pick from three different huds which will allow you to change the color (and pattern) of the cardigan itself, and the buttons on the cardigan. Aside from all of that I paid Collabor88 another visit to get this cute hair from D!va, which I wanted to get from the beginning of this round. I forgot and forgot to get it, but someone reminded me of the fact that this is going to be the last week of this round, so I went there and snatched it away real soon. So if you need some last minute shopping from Collab, go now!



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