Hello there guys! Today I’m doing a review on the pretty and adorable new The Sugar Garden mesh heads. When I got them at first, I wasn’t really excited to try them on. In fact, I thought it would look super weird on me. Because, remember the mesh heads from past Arcade from Fashionably Dead? Well, those looked awful on me. I loved them to death, they were abselutely cute, but I had to resize my hair (I could only wear sculpt) or I would have to make my head super big. I knew that that was the point of it all; that you’d make your head big and make yourself look like a doll (it was called the doll head for a reason) but I… no, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear them alot. Now with these ones, when I put them on, I was really stunned with what you would get in the folder. You get a skin (Don’t let that fool you, it’s not two for one price, it’s just the skin of the body, and not the head. The head is blank) and it’s just blends in with the head perfectly. You get several makeup options and several expressions, which is pretty damn cool! And the thing I love most about it, is that you can wear whatever hair you like. I haven’t had any difficulty with hair so far, and I’ve been wearing it ever since I put it on. I added piercings, I wore it on my child avi, I’ve worn every single tone (four of them, and all very cute, I love Eilfie’s skintones!) and I just couldn’t be happier about this mesh head.

Oh, another thing that is very cute about them is that you can wear whatever kind of eyes you like, as well! All these things together just make for an incredible mesh head that blends in with the skin you get more than perfectly, is adorable to look at, you can customize it wherever you like, and for me it has been very easy to use! They are 1,350 linden, which makes them a bit expensive for some people, but I would say that it’s worth it. The times it takes to make a head like these… I can only imagine, but that won’t ever stand up to the time you’ll wear this head. I know for sure that I will spend many many hours wearing my mesh head, looking at it, experimenting with new looks, and adding stuff to my new, gorgeous head.

#62The Sugar Garden – Dakota Mesh Head in all four skintones.


  • Hair: .b – clarity – light blondes (at this event for 100L)
  • Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Blue (Mesh)
  • Top*JeSyLiLo*:::MiniDollDress:::*Creem



  • Hair: >TRUTH< Hollana –  reds (@Collabor88)
  • Eyes{D.A} Nebula Fantasy Edition
  • Necklace: MiWardrobe – The Vintage Landscape (L’Accessories)
  • Top: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Xue Top[Yellow] (Collabor88)


  • Hair: !lamb – Gemini – Blondes Blur root
  • Ears: Lovely Alien – Webbed Ears
  • Eyes: .ID. Mirror Darker / Blue
  • Top: *Ribbon* big ribbon rops
  • Hands.tsg. Hands & Feet for Zissis (edited, I don’t own the right tone)

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