He never thought that she’d be the one that he desired
Even though all these years he was the one who she admired
“How could this be?” he wonders, while in the commonroom
He’s thinking ’bout love, love, love, love


Hey there guysss! I wasn’t planning on doing this post, but spontaneous posts are cool, right? Rofl anyway, I haven’t done a Valentines themed outfit, mainly because I know that Valentines day is nothing more than Singles Awareness day – and it bums me out alike any other single out there! You might not give in to the feeling, or you might deny it, but I don’t believe it! You felt bad as well! Hahah, luckily, those sad feelings about wishing you could share a romantic evening with a hot model don’t last long if you’ve got a virtual ball coming up! Tonight theres an all Valentimes themed ball at the roleplay sim Mischief Managed, and I threw an outfit together so I can go there fully groomed and styled. Sported some SL Fashion Week items as well; those are new this week! Enjoy <3




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    Another ChiMia item featured on okkbye.wordpress.com! Thank you Elisa :D

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