Greeetings all. I have abselutely -no- clue what to write here today, but I think that’ll come once I get over the items. So eh, let’s start with the new hair from [iren] – very suitably named, ELISA. Yaaaay! Hahah. Iris told me that she named it like that because she was wearing my eyes while meshing the hair, which is just so very cute and I love that! Hahah. I love the hair as well. You can change everything about it, the color (of course) but also, the color of the streaks etc etc. If we go to the other look you’ll see that I’m wearing one of the hairs from Elikatira, as I do a lot. I love this store sooo much, and if you didn’t know yet, Elikapeka is having a SALE. Everything is 75% off, and will never be sold again after this. So please, for your own good, GET ALL THE HAIRS. When I got there I went a little crazy *sighs to herself* and I bought almost the entire store. But then again, I already had a lot of hairs from her. Ummm, but, there are still a few there that I still want *-* like two. So I’m going back asap and I’m getting those as well.


There is another round of SL Fashion Week, the second round now, and as the first cicle, the designers haven’t dissapointed me yet! Lethal and welldone.atelier came out with cute items, from Lethal the shoes on the first outfit (was waiting for these to appear in sl, yay!) and from welldone.atelier the skirt in the second outfit. I love this skiiiirt, and it comes in three other pastel colors, so you should definitely demo it if it fits your style. .Olive. made a cute set of mustache jewelery (a ring, necklace and bracelet), and those are very cute as well. House Of Fox came with a cute little dress, which mostly inspired me for this post! I like mini-dresses that have a mesh panel in them at the bottom, and I also still like texture clothing a lot, so this one was a surprise for me! I’m wearing it non-stop the last couple of days, and I just have to say that I looooooove the color yellow in H.O.F items – I don’t know why!

 poses by imeka~




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