Helloooo people. How are yall doing today? I’m doing abselutely awesome! I’m going back to school, it’s going good for once and I hope that I continue on like this, and I feel like I’m starting off my new year, 2013, with a very good start. I also heard, recently, that my brothers upcoming baby that he is having with his girlfriend isssssss… going to be a boy! I’m so happy about that. We were all hoping for a boy – of course, a girl would’ve been as loved – and yay! It has balls! rofl. No but yeah, things are going great – hope that you’re doing great as well. Now! Off to talk about the clothes. If you’re into hoodies, like me, this post is all yours. Go shop at both ;^;CatWa;^; and [monso] – OH! and [iren], because they have something in store for you. Um, yeah, literally in their store.


;^;CatWa;^; came out with a hair that come along with a hoodie. You can get this hair in alllll sorts of colors, as per usual, and now comes the best part: you can get a HUD with for the hoodie as well! You can change everything about the hoodie, from the color of the hood, the sleeves, the tips of the sleeves, and the outlines of the hood. It’s really nice! Also, [monso] came out with a gorgeous, loosefitting, big, giant, oversized hoodie that looks very, very comfortable. I don’t have enough words to express myself on this one! Of course, it stays a bit tricky to find a good hair with it… One that doesn’t poke through the hair on the front, sides and back. But you don’t have to search any longer, because [iren] has been releasing hair recently, and this one is especially made for the [monso] hoodie. Yay! Now all of us hoodlovers are happy, and you can find all the links underneath ^3^ Happy shopping, and keep a close eye on my Flickr later today, because I’m going to bring a nice announcement on my store! Stay tuned and it was nice to have you <3

poses by Imeka~




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