Hiii guys! Is u gud today? Okay, gud. I did a quick post today without all too many new stuffs. A lot of things in this post, though, are under 100 lindens, and that’s a bargain! I found a new store called, “La Petite Fleur”. It’s cute, original mesh for as far as I know, and cheap. Theres a few very cute freebies in their mainstore, as well as three luckyboard items and a lot of gatcha’s, so check that out! Of course, we got another round of The Dressing Room fusion this month and the items are amazing as ever. {essences} came out with a new skin, Wednesday, and it’s by far my favorite of theirs up til now. The lips are so adorable, and the nose is so cute and small and round… it’s just so cute. I love this skin.


In the second outfit I’m sporting a new skin from *JeSyLiLo*. It’s lovely, has a very sexy eyeliner in the pack of skins, and the brows… wow! The brows are a lot thicker than on their other skins, and really, on any other skin that I have ever own. But that’s abselutely not a downer in my opinion! I love thick brows. They make the skin have a young feel, and they just look amazing to me! They look perfectly groomed, and my favorite feature about this skin must be the brows. The eyelids are cute too, thick as I like them! – The hair in the first outfit is from ;^;CatWa;^; and is only 99L on the marketplace! I found out through someone else’s blog, but I don’t really remember who’s, but I thank that person with my entire heart because I am baffled by this hairstyle!

poses from imeka~



Glitter Lenses fatpack

And I wanted to add my news to this post as well. You might have seen, in the outfit above or at my flickrpage, that I started making eyes. They didn’t turn out how I wanted them to turn out, AT ALL, but I kinda think they are okay. I promise you though, next eyes are going to be better, and the ones after that even better! rofl. I’m practising in texturing all kinda’ stuff, so keep an eye out and stuff. An eye; did you see what I did there? Ok my sense of humor is horrible. Let’s just… yeah, let’s just stahp. Anyway, if you want these eyes just scroll back up and click on the link to my marketplace in the credits of both outfits, ty!


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