Hello my luvs. I’m going to try and make this a very short post, but I don’t know if I’ll succeed. I don’t have a lot of time for this post but I do want to say a couple of things about these new skins I got. *Leafy*, [iren] and :FAKE: came out with skins and they are all extremely beautiful. I picked one of the warmer tones of each pack (except from [iren], I picked the palest one from theirs I think) and put them together into a picture. All three skins have a few features about them which I love most: From [iren], the first one, I specifically like the nose and the mouth. The mouth is very pouty, I believe in my skin even more, and I very much enjoy that. Also, the tummy is extremely cute, and a bit lower than on other skins, and I loooooove that. When I got this skin on I just want to wear a cropped sweater/shirt all the time to show that cute belly off! I suppose that I would love to see a paler tone of these skins, although I do have to say that the color of the skin looks very healthy, and naturally tan.

[iren], *Leafy* and :FAKE: wearing the hairstyle Dylan from fri.day

I love every skin from *Leafy*, but this skin Amethyst is abselutely gorgeous. The paler tones are very beautiful, and I wear the palest (cream) a lot. I also like  the eyebrows. With the eyebrowshaper that I’m wearing it almost looks like my avatar is worried, and I enjoy that. I love anything that gives my avatar a bit of character, a bit of expression, so that’s a big one for me. The eyelids on this one, as well as on other *Leafy* skins, is cute too. I love the ‘lids half closed’ look, and *Leafy* skins seem to have that naturally. The last skin though, from :FAKE:, seems to have that feature even more. The cheeks may be a bit too blushy for my liking, but other than that I enjoy the face it gives. In every shape that I’ve worn with it it seems to give off a bit of a… an arrogant look. For some that might be a downpointer, for some it won’t; all I know is that you’ve got a lot to choose from and that you’ve gotta pass by each store to get a demo! Also, if you’re looking for a new free skin (or well, I don’t know if the group requires fee) you can head over to JesYlilo to get their new groupgift skin below! Okay, have a great week guys thanks :>





  • Skin: *JeSyLiLo* (group gift skin)
  • Hair: [e] Sound – Brown 04
  • Tattoo: MiWardrobe – Princess Doll – Tattoo
  • Necklace: LaGyo_Cloe necklace gold (TDR)
  • Vest: [PO] Fawkes Fur Vest (FaMESHed)


  • Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Liner – DB
  • Hair: [ 69 ] SMINA – Dark Ash Brown
  • Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Ashley Piercing – Black Steel
  • Piercing+: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings & Dimples tattoo layer
  • Necklace: [7891.] The Juve Necklace
  • Sweater: [PO] Victoria Lace Panel Jumper

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