Hello there guys! This is going to be a bit of a different post! Bahaha. I opened my store on the Marketplace, finally. Of course, I couldn’t think of any other name than just plain ‘okkbye’, but tbh I didn’t even want another name. Anyway, a few of you readers have been asking me if you guys could buy my shape. You’d IM me, link me to which shape you wanted, and in the beginning I would just give it to you for free. After a while, and a few similar requests furtheron, I began charging. And well, its been a long while since I wanted to put these shapes on the marketplace, but I was always too busy, or just plain too lazy.


Now, I set these shapes up liiike, this morning, and of course, there are a lot more to come. I just started out with these because the skins they feature are freebies (1L) and I’m such a pro-freebie shopper. Don’t get me wrong, I love paying 400L for something I really want, and because of that I will probably wear it 10x more often than something I buy for 100L – BUT… I mean come on, everyone likes their freebies every once in a while, don’t they? These skins are adorable, I’ve worn them alot the last two weeks, and well… why not share the look? Anyway, as I was trying to tell before I interrupted myself, I set these shapes up this morning. I’ve always wanted to start making makeups or whatever else, but I never really did anything more than make myself a few beautymarks or stuff like that. Now, I made a little pack of silly doodles to get my texturing started! I want to make lingerie-sets eventually, and make-ups, but let’s just… yeah, let’s just start off with this. I hope you like my little facedoodles!

Check ’em on the Marketplace right here.

Face Doodles


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