Hello there guysss. Today will be a short post, but I just couldn’t help myself when I got these dresses! It took alot from me not to blog them right away, and today I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Look at them! They are abselutely adorable. Let me elaborate on them later, because right now I want to take a little moment to say that you guys gotta check the Mischief Managed blog. We’re updating the page as much as we can; with plot updates, and guides for those who are new! Or well, those guides are to come. Some might know that the sim has been promoted on Mugglenet, a popular Harry Potter website. From there on, we’ve gotten a lot of applications from people who are complete newbies to Second Life. Of course, we were all once newbies, but most of us got help from other people! Now, we want to help these people so they can come to enjoy Second Life as much as most of us do. So keep your eyes peeled, and add the Mischief Managed Flickr for further updates!


Now, on about the dress! This dress got me drooling. If you have a liiiiittle of a closer look you’ll see how amazingly detailed the front is. I didn’t take pictures of the back, but the butt is real puffy, like you would see on medieval-like dresses, and it’s just plain beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors, black… red, but there’s also one out there that I love that comes with kinda… turquise/azure-like colors. There are a few other colors as well, but I’ll let you check that yourself if you get to the store! The hair I’m sporting here is free, it’s from CatWa and comes in a fatpack. The skin is from Leafy and I’m going to be doing a better review of this, and two to three other skins tomorrow. Get your ass to Violent Seduction, this baby of a dress is waiting for you!


Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Scene – DB
Hair: ^;^CatWa^;^ Candy V2 Roots/Snow (Free)
Dress: Violent Seduction – Versailles (Death)
Shoes: [whatever] high heel – yellow

Skin: *L* Amethyst – Cream – Pure – DB
Hair: ^;^CatWa^;^ Candy V2 Roots/Mocha (Free)
Dress: Violent Seduction – Versailles (Blood)
Shoes: [whatever] high heel – bordeaux


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