Hello my lovely, lovely readers. I can’t  believe it’s been almost a week since my last post, which was about the Arcade. I have so much going on right now both irl and sl which holds me back from blogging, and I just simply cannot afford to spend a lot of time in photoshop. Or well, I -couldn’t- but I’m planning on doing it again. I missed photoshopping my blogpictures and I missed putting an outfit together, so here I made one for y’all!

I hope that I can continue doing my Harry Potter inspired looks after this one. Slytherin will be my next, or Hufflepuff, I don’t know about that yet. That depens on whether or not I get a lot of review copies in the upfollowing days. Speaking about that, I had to drop a few blogger groups – groups that I adored – because I simply couldn’t keep myself to blogging them. I always feel bad when I don’t get to blog certain stuff that designers make, so I just… yeah, had to quit them. But okaaaay, let’s talk about the outfit, hmmkay? lol

I found this cute ‘third eye’ tattoo layer, the red dot. I think Hindi people do that at… holidays or something. I hope I don’t disrespect anyone with saying these things, but I simply don’t know when/who wears them. What I do know is that it looks sooo cute, and that I wore it around a lot the last couple of days. – I know the second oufit seems like it hasn’t been thought through properly, or so I think it looks, but I really did. I like the simple combination of that cute mini-dress, with casual UGG-boots. I don’t know why, but I enjoy it, so I will blog it. I put shiny, see-through pantyhoses on there as well so the legs look… well, shinyer, and I’ve done that a lot IRL last year. Most people say it’s for old women to cover up their veiny and wrinkly legs, but heck, I like it.


+ skin: amitomo – haru skin (no longer available)
+ eyes: {d.a} sombre blue
+ hair: eaters coma – hair 09 / dark mocha
+ headband: .o. – iwish i was a falling snowflake (@winter fair)
+ top: the secret store – sweet sheer – polka
+ lollipop: miasnow big lolly ~ cherry (@the arcade)
+ skirt: {happy pencil} downtown ruffled skirt ivory
+ belt: lagyo_cross belt silver (@TDR)
+ tights: [ attitudes ] lace pantyhose black d (1L)
+ shoes: [whatever] georgina – black (@fi*friday)

+ skin: the body co. iris (01 fair brown)
+ makeup: l.fauna – smokey cat (gold/brown)
+ hair: (clawtooth) elise – wheat (@the arcade)
+ third eye: face tattoo – third eye
+ ring: lagyo_lila ring
+ necklace: miwardrobe – audrey necklace grey
+ dress: 1bp – babytux mini cream
+ tights: [ attitudes ] lace pantyhose tan a (1L)
+ shoes: *kookie * muggy black (no longer available)
+ bag: the secret store – tiny satchel – granny (@the arcade)


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